Josh called! Bloomies report:

  1. Josh is the SA for Chloe in San Francisco and he called me today for an update. It seems they have an additional markdown on sale bags starting today. This really didn't apply to his stuff since he didn't have any sale bags left! But I thought I'd report it anyway. Also know that for every purchase made now, you will receive an e-card worth $15.00 for every $100 spent. This deal goes from the 14th until February 2nd. The thought process is that this money will work to spur sales on Spring '08 items - like purple patent Bays. Which he doesn't have at the moment and knows will be a hot bag. Also there is a stipulation that the e-cards can only be redeemed for in store purchases. Every little bit helps - right?
  2. bloomies has some sale bags. but they aren't marked down, they are just 40% off. they have a beata tote and shoulder bag in black, a elvire patent clutch in tomette, and a paddy chain messenger in elephant.
  3. I think he said that there was an additional markdown on top of the 40% starting today? But he didn't tell me how much it was since, I guess, he knew I wouldn't want one of those bags? It would be worth a call if someone was!
    Josh's number: 415-856-5429
  4. I also got some great photo shots from Robert at bloomies san francisco
    Photo_010808_002.jpg Photo_010808_003.jpg Photo_010808_004.jpg Photo_010808_005.jpg Photo_010808_006.jpg
  5. one more
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics, mona_danya!
  7. Thanks Mona, very drool worthy pics!!
  8. I am not sure!
  9. not sure about the name of the bag but no, not all the bags in the pics are on sale. actually i dont believe any of them are on sale because that is the way the display is set up at bloomie's SF. usually with the sale bags, there is a sign
  10. I think that is the newest Paddy shopper tote, Lyline. I saw it on Bluefly sesveral weeks ago and one may still be there. And thanks Mona! Isn't this wonderful keyboard shopping?! Ask and ye shall receive courtesy of great SA's. I wonder what's on sale in London?
  11. I love that paddy in antique Or, does anyone know how much it is? Is it possibly to get the SA's e-mail or phone number? I just might be so tempted to get it:graucho:
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know that bloomies sf has some new chloe sale items. They have medium paddies in blue, gazon, chocolate. Dome capsule paddies in choco and black, heloise long strap brown and black, chain paddy messenger in black, east west quilted bay in argent, quilted bay in argent all 30% off.
  13. thanks for the update vuitton! do you know when the next EGC event is? would love to save some money and purchase something during that time!