Josephine Wallet

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  1. I currently have a monogram international wallet but feel its a bit boring... I want something fun but still traditional.

    What are everyone's thoughts on the Josephine wallet? Is it true most don't like it cause of it's "low price" of $450. (I just saw that on a youtube video lol)
  2. I do see what you're saying to a degree about the International Wallet. Personally I think the Josephine is adorable! I love it in green too! I don't know what anyone is talking about $450 being a "low price," but $450 is no 'chump change' for a wallet!
  3. I think at that price its slightly more accessible, it was one of the first wallets I looked at because of the price, but I dont think thats a bad thing and I dont think it diminishes that fact that its a beautiful wallet.
  4. Me either but I saw that and I was like :X

    I love my international primarily for the pen holder but I just purchased an agenda do there's really no need for it. My only worry is the 4 slots for credit cards on the Josephine as oppose to my 6 slots I have now... (but that will be a great excuse to convince my DB that I need a ZCP :P) LOL
  5. I hate my josephine wallet. The blue panel got scratched within the first couple of months and the button has been replaced twice. I rarely used the wallet and I babied it. It doesn't hold everything I need and I have to carry another wallet to hold the over flow. In my experience, I would choose something else. The reason I still own it is b/c it has sentimental value.

    If you want colour, maybe choose something in vernis?
  6. Like.... The pomme d'Amour zippy.... :cloud9:

    Lol id love it but I'm debating on if I WANT to spend that much on a wallet right now lol because in that case id be using purse funds for a wallet :/ do you guys think it's a worthy investment? I heard vernis doesn't hold up
  7. I have the PTI wallet, and I love its simple, classic look. I also have the Josephine in DE. I can't speak to any issues with the color interior since mine is DE, but I find it to be a very nice, functional wallet. The detachable coin pouch is a plus too, and the price is nice. I see the azur Josephine is on your wishlist, and I think that is a beautiful wallet.
  8. Yes that's a plan for my azur collection (when I start that) but I'm trying to finish off my mono collection then move to de then azur lol
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    Love my DE Josephine and love that the cost is so low compared to others. And perfectly serves my needs now so I'm happy.

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  10. I have a blue josephine and it's a good wallet. Although I came from a wallet with lots of card slots, I don't really mind having just four. I can fit everything inside that I need to use on a daily basis. Sometimes I put my extra cards in the back long pocket, but I've been putting my extra cards that I rarely use in my zcp usually. I don't really mind the second wallet for unused things, since it keeps my main wallet organized, light, and uncluttered. I also really like the removable pouch, makes for cleaning out your change much easier, and I like how it doubles as a pocket divider. I like that the wallet stays small and light, and I can't just overstuff it. The back pocket is also really big, good for hiding things or fitting in a phone.

    My only problem has been chipping on the button, but it's not really a big deal for me.. If it ever gets to be a huge problem I'll just get some paint for it. I'm really happy with it, it's a nice pop of unexpected color in my day.

    Overall, a wallet is an investment piece imo. I'd rather purchase one great wallet every four years, than purchase a bunch of so-so wallets. So choose something you really like and don't worry if it cuts in purse funds initially.
  11. If you are not 100% sure about Josephine and are only considering it because it costs less than other LV wallets, then don't get it. It is better to invest in a wallet you really like and are likely to use, than to buy a new one just for the sake of it. Even if your purchase of a more expensive wallet means you have to save for longer for a new bag, I still think that is worth it if you end up using that wallet for a long time.
  12. image-847532088.jpg



    I love my josephine. The zip pocket also holds an uncased iPhone, bills coins and a ton of receipts too
  13. Very wise advice here. :yes:
  14. DH had just bought me the Jospehine in DE as I don't have an LV wallet (wallets are quite pricey that I tend to put those funds towards the bags) and I quite like it...only thing is that it doesn't hold much as far as card slots go but i love the look of it. Actually getting the mono with the red. And as far as price point it is less expensive but as long as you like it that's all that matters and should be seen a bonus :smile:
  15. I don't see why someone would complain about a purse price being "too low". I think $450 is a damn lot of money. The reason why I got to get one is because its value does not depreciate like other brands. So I will feel great after a year or two seeing the price increase.

    I can't speak for purse/wallet collectors, but in my case, each and every item I own was bought with months of savings. :d

    I don't wear my Verona every day because I don't think its an everyday purse to me... Maybe because i am scared of ruining it. :smile:. But i do plan to use my Josephine DE wallet everyday.