Josephine Wallet Experience?

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  1. Hey loves,

    I am really interested in purchasing the Josephine wallet but I am having second thoughts because of the trifold style. I really love the fact it has a detachable coin purse. Although, I am worried it would be a hassle with opening the wallet when in a rush. How do you guys feel about opening the wallet? Is it a lot more difficult or does it not bother you too much? I never have used a trifold.

  2. I had one and sold it. I found the removeable pouch with zipper was painful when I tried to put coins in it as it moved. But I have seen many people on here love it. I now own 3 Emilie wallets, a Cassia and a zippy.
  3. I had one and the experience was a nightmare; after less than 6 months of casual/light use the canvas had cracked in 4 different locations (at the top and bottom corners of where the wallet folds and on both sides) as well as the leather separating the bottom CC slots split open. LV declared it defective and exchanged; I would've gone with another Emilie (already had 2) but went with the Clemence instead. The Josephine is pretty but, IMHO, it's neither as functional as some of the other designs nor as well constructed/thought out.
  4. My wallet has already cracked in both corners. So upset. Less then a year. I'm waiting for the outcome as I type.
  5. I have Josephine in fuschia, no problems so far with the design, it's a small wallet so I usually store all of my store cards elsewhere. I use the change purse for my makeup for the day. I love it, have had it since June
  6. When I brought mine back he explained it to be a. Known issue because the canvas being much thinner than it used to be. As well as where it bends.
    I really hope you never have this problem. I can't even get the same wallet again it I wanted to!
  7. I have it and I'm currently trying to sell it to fund an Emilie in the same color (Piment Epi). I always knew I would regret the Josephine because of the tri-fold. The deep pocket that runs the full length of the wallet has resulted to be useless to me and trying to use the other pockets gets annoying because they're so tight once you have your stuff in it; I can barely fit a few bills. For me, the Emilie is a more functional style.