Josephine question?

  1. Im thinking of getting a Josephine bag the GM and using it as a diaper bag. Would that be possible? Would it be large enough to use as a strictley baby only bag? or no? I was looking at the dimensions and it seems long enough but im not sure about the height..:sad: Anyone have one? Do they hold alot? Pictures?

  2. Not sure if it would be big enough. It measures 9.25" high, 13.75" wide and 7.25" deep.
  3. With those dimensions, might be a bit tight. I don't think you'd have enough room for all the items one would need for a baby.
  4. My SIL has Josephine GM. She's pretty tiny with slim arms, when she puts the bag on her shoulder, it gets very squished looking and doesn't hold much. I'm not sure if you need something you can sling over your shoulder as a diaper bag, but I wouldn't pick the Josephine GM if you do. Also, the canvas is subject to stains and such. Some things to consider! Good luck to you!
  5. LV makes diaper bags. They're cute!
  6. I would use a cite GM or the reporter bag!
    This is a pic of the MM, the GM is larger
    this is the smaller reporter, they make a bigger one!
  7. I think the Josephine might be a bit too small. I think you should get the Mini Lin Diaper bag... it doesn't have vachetta, so you don't have to worry about getting it dirty easily!
  8. ^ITA with the recc'd of a Mini Lin diaper bag or Reporter GM!
  9. i have the bleu tst josephine gm and i don't think it would have sufficient enough space as a diaper bag. you would probably hand carry it as well which makes it hard with a baby in tow. i have a pic of it in my collection thread. it's there in a group pic next to other LV bags to give you an idea of the size. hth!
  10. summore mini lin diaper bag has it in pink/blue color !!!
  11. Thanks gyes.. I was hoping it would be just big enough, I hate really large diaper bags and wanted to get some use out of it on its own :sad: Ya the mini lin is a little outa the budjet right now, not enought time to save for one now :shrugs: I guess my search continues..
  12. actually Neverfull GM and Noe also a good choice of its big storage :yes:
  13. Really?? Cause I still really want one... LOL :heart:
  14. yep... i saw alot of mother toting neverfull & noe as diaper bag :yes: i guess more cheaper then mini lin diaper bag