Josephine PM

  1. I don't see the Josephine PM on or on the LV France website. Did they discontinue this model? If so, where can I find one?
  2. Yes, it's been discontinued. You can call 866 VUITTON and have them locate one for you or you can try eBay. Good luck.
  3. Yep, discontinued, I would think 866 could find one for you but not sure, try asap! This is one of my favorite bags! Good luck!
  4. ooh i was just browsing through eluxury too trying to find this bag but couldn't find one..anyone know how much it retails for? (The GM)...

    so maybe the other best bet is ebay...authentic lvlady is a legit seller right?

    how much do you think the used Josephine GM worth for if it's in excellent condition with only minor wear and tear in the lining??..I really want to get my hands on one now before it gets too rare and thus increasing the price.

    Any info would be very much appreciated....thank you....:smile:
  5. I'm pretty sure the GM is over $900 or $1000 now, the last I remember the pm being is like $890 or something around that.....
  6. Thanks do you think $550 would be a good price for that?...I would like to think it is but still want to hear other people opinion..especially the LV expert here..;)
  7. And on this subject, could someone tell me where the DATECODE is located on the Josephine PM?? I can't find the darn thing!!:confused1:
  8. it is discont. but I think its a really cute bag so I hope you can find one!!!!
  9. I went to Neiman Marcus yesterday and they advised that the Josephines plus entire Mono Mini line will be discontinued shortly. The line is being replaced by two different styles (Gold on Black) and some leather one.
  10. The PM was $935 when it was discontinued.
  11. when did you get your bag??
    Depends on the year..
    look at behind the D leather tab or near the zipper on leather seam..
  12. ------------------

    Is LVLady really legit? Can anyone confirm?
  13. ^^^ Yes, but always ask for more pics and info if you're not 100% sure.
  14. Yep, my datecode is on the leather seam surrounding the zipper, I think it's the newer ones that have it on the leather tab that the D ring is on...
  15. i've done my research and seemed like authentic_lvlady is legit..never sell a fake and always fast on shipping..the only complain was that the bag usually comes with a moth ball smell..