Josephine PM: Shoulder Bag or Not??

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  1. Does this bag fit on your shoulder? Does anyone know what the drop is? Also, does anyone have a picture of themselves with it on their shoulder? HELP!
  2. yes it is shoulder bag..I don't have it but I think someone have it..
  3. No it's a handheld the straps are too short... You may want to use the optional shoulder strap for carrying on the shoulder...:shrugs:
  4. :confused1:
  5. I love the model, but I would not carry it over my shoulder if I had one.
  6. it fits on my shoulder just fine :yes:
    josephine pm 002.jpg
  7. yeux... You are just gorgeous AND slender.... :love: :yes:

    The average 5'3" - 5'5" person would not be as thin as you are...

    btw... That is a compliment you...:yes:
  8. gorgeous on you's on my list..
  9. it should work for me then because it looks like we are the same size....thank you! :heart:
  10. There is NO way I can get my Josie on my shoulder.
  11. i wear the josephine pm over my shoulder. it's so cute!
  12. thanks :shame::love:! and Nita i know you're looking for one :graucho:

    you're welcome :flowers:!
  14. i enjoy looking at your model pics a lot because they help me imagine how they will look on me. i do think you are taller than me, but can i ask how tall you are? (i'm 5'2'')
  15. i'm about 5'4" :yes:
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