Joséphine-PM-owners here? ;)

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  1. I really like the Joséphine PM, but I've only seen the GM IRL.
    Can you carry the PM as a shoulder bag? I think I've read somewhere, that it's a hand-held-bag, but the handels don't look that short to me.
    I would loooooove to see some pics of somebody carrying a PM... :yes::angel:
  2. I'm considering buying one too! I think the handles are long enough for a shoulder bag (like a pochette, right under the arm and against the body), while short enough for over-the-arm or handheld.
  3. I've got the bag & it's a wonderful roomy bag.Yes,it can be carried as a shoulder bag but not for too long (kind of like when u try to carry the Pap 30 on your shoulder - it's not 100% comfortable to be carried in such a way for too long) I tend to end up carrying it by hand.One thing though - the exterior can get dirty easily unless you get a dark colored one tone-on-tone JMHO :biggrin:
  4. here is a pic of me carrying the joesphine on my shoulders, but i like to hand held it more. hope this helps! it's a really beautiful bag!
  5. Thank you so much, cloud1014!
    The Joséphine looks great on you, now I definetly want one, too :love:
  6. oh yes! thank you thank you cloud1014 for the pic! I really wanted to know how it'll fit on the shoulder also so I know!:idea:
  7. Cute bag! Thanks for the pic Cloud.
  8. It looks very cute over the shoulder! Thanks for sharing!
  9. I bought the Josephine PM TST in khaki! I tried using it over the shoulder but found it way too bulky.
  10. I agree I have the PM TST in Khaki and if you really need to for a short time u can put it on the shoulder but it is really a handheld bag. Also, you squash the top part of the bag when you keep it under your arm for too long...
  11. You can buy the additional Josephine shoulder strap for this bag
  12. I bought the strap and regretted the purchase because I never use it.

    Oh I read it somewhere a long time ago (may be on this forum) that a shopper walked into a LV store and put the Josephine on her shoulder. The SA gave her a dirty look and said, in a rather demeaning way, that it is not a shoulder bag.

    I say wear it anyway you want, it's your bag. :heart:
  13. I used to have this bag and I had the strap- it was great for me b/c I used it practically all the time. It's great if you have rugrats- oops-kids and need your hands free! LOL
  14. Here are pics of me with my Josephine PM. I am only five feet tall. And I took a pic of the bag on my shoulder to show how it doesn't work for me - too bulky, I never carry it that way.
    1.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg
  15. My good friend and I both have Josephines, only she has the PM and I have the GM. Honestly, PM is probably a better size because it's cuter and more petite, and also it is not as heavy as GM (Bigger frame)
    ALTOUGH I STILL :heart: GM, because it fits a lot of stuff that I need. :smile:
    I agree that Josephine is more of hand held rather than over the shoulder.
    I would say, go to the store and try it out for yourself!! And snatch it quick because words are, mini monogram is going to be discontinued soon.