Josephine PM on ebay: great deal but...

  1. not a bad price i personally do not like the mini line but each to thier own, i think its a great deal even with the mark think of the moneu your saving for a small dot of yellow, you could take it to lv to see if something could be done?
  2. I've watched quite a few of the mini monograms on ebay the last couple of weeks and I'm surprised at how many of them have a yellow stain somewhere on the bag! I would think a seller would remove the stain IF they could...

    I'd ask them if they know how the stain got there and if they tried to clean it (Didn't read the description, so maybe it was mentioned?).

    Years ago I had a yellow stain on a skirt and the dry cleaner told me that bleach often turns to yellow and is impossible to get out. This may or may not be bleach and I doubt if it is -- just seems like these yellow stains are rather common on this canvas...

    Beautiful bag though! I love the mini monogram the more I see it!
  3. the mini mongram line is really hard to mantain

    i have the anne sophie clutch which i somehow got a stain on it. i brought it in to LV and was told that they won't be able to get it out. i could try using some detergent to try to get it out .. but they won't clean it for me.

    after that i never tried bringing in anymore mini monogram items for cleaning.

    but it is a good price and you could take your chances with it.
  4. I don't think you could get it off, it looks like an oil stain or something?
  5. If it's an organic stain SHAVING CREAM is THE BEST to get rid of those!!! How much is this bag brand new?
  6. Josephine PM is $890

    I think it's probably food. I've gotten spaghetti on one of my bags before and yucky. I don't use it anymore haha.
  7. I asked SA about that yellow stain for mini line, it seems very common problem and they can't remove it. I've been thinking to get one but after hearing that I think I have to wait for black mini with browm LV come out this August.
  8. let-trade offers another one (different colour), also w/ these stains, but smaller and less visible:
  9. A wild guess... these yellow stains are usually next to the zipper area - could they be glue that has eventually spread due to very hot conditions? Just a thought. I wanted one in cherry but was not impressed with all the yellow stains I saw.
  10. A lot of used mono mini on ebay have yellow stains, I think it's a common problem with that canvas..but i think is unusual too, especially on a LV bag that is not so cheap!

    ps. I saw stains also on the bottom , not only near the zipper area :-/

  11. you should look on their website
    they have quite a few mini mono pieces WITHOUT stains...
    look under "available"
  12. OOH! thank you so much, nice link!! :kiss:

  13. that is my auction and the stains are from the glue on the bag. they are very small and not that visible in real life. it really doesn't take away the beauty of this bag plus retail is $890 so you're getting a great deal.