Josephine or Emilie Wallet?

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Help me chose - Which wallet do you prefer?

  1. Josephine Wallet

  2. Emilie Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi Everybody, I am debating on which wallet to get. I already decided on the color! I want mine red :biggrin: I went to see them both in person and could not decide. I guess i wanted your opinion, on why to choose one over the other. Thank you in advanced for your responses!!!
  2. Emilie. I am not a fan of Tri-folds. I love the sarah and this is just a slimmer version. Good luck deciding.
  3. Good point! Thank you!

  4. i voted for Emilie as well
  5. i like the josephine better :smile: good luck deciding!
  6. Thank you! When i went to LV on the weekend, they did not had the Josephine in red, making me wanted a bit more ;) But the Emilie seemed nice too. I like the fact that the Josephine has that coin purse that's detachable. :confused1: so many choices...
  7. Josephine! Good luck!
  8. I like the Emilie better. Not a fan of trifold also!
  9. Josephine!! The removable coin pouch is TDF!! I told my SA that as soon as they sell just the long, flat coin purse to call me!
  10. Thank you all for your comments.
  11. I just looked at the poll and it is 50% - 50%... LOL!!!!
    I will have to stop by LV again and look at them one more time.
    If anybody else has another opinion on why to choose one over the other let me know. :smile:
    Thank you all!
  12. Emilie!!
  13. Thank you!!! Keep the opinions coming. I was not able to stop by the store today. I will try to go tomorrow at my lunch. Otherwise i have a hectic Friday and Sat, it will have to wait 'till Sunday to go to LV! :smile:
  14. emilie!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  15. I like the josephine just a bit more than the emilie, i like the idea of the detachable coin purse, it just seems like such a fun and functional wallet! Hope they have it for you to see in red tomorrow! Good luck with your decision!