Josephine Danse scarf

  1. I know there's been some discussions a while back about this scarf when it was just being released. I've seen the black/white and red/white colourways on the Fr website but am curious as to what the others look like. Those of you who have this scarf in teal, lilac or any other colours, could you please post pics, or if you've seen them, share your thoughts about the various colourways?:flowers:
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  3. I suspect that this scarf comes in limited colorways, eg primary colors black blue red green, nothing too unusual . That is usually the case with the unsigned scarves, but, please tell me if anyone has found a signature on it & who is the artist ?
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  5. 100 bucks says unsigned & Bali Barrett waving his magic wand again.
  6. Also, caveat emptor
    Josephine is in a pointilistic style - dots - like old fashioned newspapers - which I guess is the desired effect - it is supposed to look like the 20s. The same thing was done on la Femme au Carre - which I liked until I saw it in person - the lady looked goofy up close.
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    Thanks everyone who responded. I'm actually not particularly attracted to this scarf design per se but I'd like to have one because of it's subject matter.:smile: But if I can find the colourway that would suit me best, I can wear it out too, rather than just having it in my so-called collection, lol! Unfortunately I can't make it to my store for a long time so if anyone has pics of colourways besides the red/white and blk/white, please feel free to share them.:flowers:
  8. I like the subject matter as well and wished that a different artistic method was applied ... oh well :shrugs: ... there is no information on the number of frames used for this design, in fact under frames, it says N/A ... so will leave that to your imagination ... or if you have a theory about it, feel free to add your comments.

    I stand partly corrected with the artist's name. It's the same artist, CYRILLE DIATKINE, who did 'EN DESORDRE', she also collaborated with SANDY QUEUDRUS (think I got the last name ...) to produce 'EN DUO'.

    The above mentioned designs are all 'UNSIGNED'.
  9. There is a Yahoo Group called AllthingsHermes and the members post their Hermes scarf collections. You might be able to find an answer there.

    Below is the link to their photo album only; one will need to join the Yahoo Group to participate: - SCARVES

    This is the main index: - Home
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