Jorge Garcia & His Itsy Bitsy Tiny Teeny Pooch

  1. [​IMG]
    The robust actor was spotted with his pint-sized pooch on Saturday strolling around near his island home in Honolulu, Hawaii. Being the dog of a major TV star, the miniature pup was of course dressed to the nines, sporting a pink jacket and matching leash.

    Unfortunately, when season three premiere of "Lost" hits television screens tomorrow night, viewers will have to settle for Garcia by himself, sans his adorable peanut-sized pal.
  2. How cute!

    A lot of men would be ashamed to be seen with a little dog; it's good that he doesn't have any of those silly insecurities! :biggrin:

    After all, a small dog is just a big dog in a small body! :lol:
  3. Oh my gosh, what a sight! Love the little pooch!
  4. Good for him! Size of the dog has nothing to do with the personality, either--I've seen tiny breeds dominate larger dogs--so funny.
  5. I love Hurley!! That's a great pic!!
  6. So adorable!! and in pink no less!!

    DH hates that I have a pink angel wings vest to walk Maya in.