Jordana Color XTend Eyeliners


la vie en rose
Sep 10, 2006
So I ready about this in Allure recently that is supposed to be the best inexpensive eyeliner, esp. the brown morning coffee shade. I've been to tons of Walgreen's and they don't have it. I looked on the Jordana website, not there. Well, I finally found it today online and just ordered the brown, black, and pearly shades, as well as a brow pencil from Jordana. Has anyone use this? Is it really that great? It's $1.99 each so I thought it was worth a try!

If you want to buy some,check out:

Jordana site:
Jordana Cosmetics Corp. Beauty's Best Buy
Just wanted to let you know, I got the eyeliners a few days later, and the Morning Coffee brown eyeliner is really as great as they say! It's highly recommended. I have brown eyes. Does anyone else have this eyeliner?
Wow! I can't believe someone else knows about this!
I buy Jordana eyeliner in eggplant at Walgreens and it's the best eyeliner I've ever used.
My eyes are kinda squinty when I smile or laugh and my eyeliner ends up all over the place but this stays in place longer than any expensive brands I've purchased.