Jordan:the Ugly Truth Revealed by Nanny!

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    THE UGLY side of Jordan is sensationally exposed today as her former nanny
    reveals in graphic detail what she saw during 18 nightmare months working for the glamour model.
    Becky Gauld's shocking testimony SHATTERS the beauty's Celebrity Mum Of The Year image—and reveals her as a self-obsessed prima donna who often puts her children's needs second to her own.

    The 29-year-old model loves to give the impression she tirelessly cares for her children. She's boasted: "I love being a mum. We have routines like any normal family."

    But Becky, 25, storms: "Their life is very different to the one on TV. The reality is she's selfish and self-centred — and NOT the perfect mum.

    "If viewers had seen what I saw off-camera they'd be astounded. The only thing they do as a family is photoshoots."

    "When she was named Celebrity Mum Of The Year by Grattan last year I laughed," says Becky. "Katie boasts that she and Peter take turns to cuddle the children at bedtime and read them a story—but I only saw Katie or Peter put the boys to bed about FOUR TIMES in the 18 months I worked for them.

    "She says she likes to play with the kids, but even when she had a day off she wanted me to look after them.

    One of Becky's greatest concerns was the health of Harvey—Jordan's son by footballer Dwight Yorke. At three, because of his condition, he weighed six stone—the normal weight for an eight-year-old.

    Jordan has blamed her son's weight problems on him hating vegetables. She said: "The doctors told me, ‘If he doesn't go on a diet he could die'. I said, ‘I'm telling you now, he will not eat vegetables. He only wants to eat chicken nuggets or anything with potato'."

    But Becky says: "That is total rubbish, he WOULD eat vegetables—you just had to have patience and you had to hide them. I used to give him Bernard Matthews mini kievs and hide green beans inside. She'd seen me doing it but she knew it took PATIENCE to get him to eat them. Harvey's weight problems were due to his condition but she also fed him the wrong things. They would sometimes give him up to 20 packets of raisins a day."

    On a holiday to Cyprus the nanny watched in horror as the couple fed him a mountain of fast food. "In a McDonalds Peter bought him 20 chicken nuggets and chips and brought them back to the car," she said. "Then he and Katie went shopping while Harvey bolted them down.

    "I didn't want him to eat them but I was not his mum. They went on holiday in America for ten days and he lost nearly a stone when I looked after him. I just gave him healthy food and exercise."

    Becky—an experienced qualified nanny who had previously worked for a banker's family for three years—also reveals the TRUTH behind a terrifying incident when Harvey was scalded on New Year's Eve 2006.

    "I believe Harvey needs a full-time carer—but my view is they're too tight to pay," she says. "Peter was cooking in the kitchen and I asked him to keep an eye on Harvey in the living room while I went across to the barn to find a case for Junior to pack for a visit to Cyprus. On the way back I saw Katie driving up in the car. I stopped to chat to her. I was out of the house just half an hour when Harvey could be heard crying upstairs. Clearly nobody had bothered to watch him or go to him when he was crying.

    "Harvey is virtually blind but can see light and dark so he would have been able to get up stairs on his own.

    "Katie stayed downstairs while I went up to check on Harvey. He'd filled the bath with hot water and stepped in. There was raw flesh from the top of his thigh down to his foot and there was blood on the bed.

    "I screamed for Katie and she came up. She didn't cry, she's not that kind of woman, but she said, ‘Oh God, what's happened? What do we do?'. When Peter saw him he did cry, I think he felt guilty. Harvey obviously hadn't been watched. He has an obsession with water."

    Harvey was rushed to London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Later Jordan told of her maternal devotion. "It was a very rough time," she simpered. "We were worried sick about Harvey. I'd leave the hospital at 10.30pm and return by 7am.

    "It meant the new series of our documentary was almost cancelled because, no matter what, I always put my kids first. I'm so proud of Peter because he gave up everything to be with Harvey."

    Becky remembers it differently. She says: "Harvey was in hospital for about four weeks and I was with him most of the time. After the first week, it was practically me on my own.

    "I remember there was a space of two whole days where neither of them visited him."

    Afterwards social services came to 34-year-old Peter and Katie's home and interviewed them to check that Harvey was safe in their care. Becky said: "They must have been ashamed the authorities had to question them about being fit parents. If I had been interviewed I would have told them he had been left on his own and that is why this happened.

    "But Katie and Peter were not scared about social services. They think they're invincible. They think they are great parents."

    Becky was horrified when the couple started teaching Harvey to SWEAR to entertain guests at a barbecue. "Harvey was at the stage where he loved learning new words and repeating them," she says.

    "I couldn't believe it when I heard what both Peter and Katie were teaching him.

    "They thought it was hilarious to get him to say f*** off. They were laughing, I was appalled.

    "A few weeks later Harvey said, ‘f*** off' and Katie and Peter couldn't work out where he'd learnt it. They were so thick they couldn't remember."

    She only had about THREE WEEKENDS off in the whole 18 months, but she says Jordan would ring her begging her to come back and help because she couldn't cope.

    "They didn't even ask for references when I got the job. All Peter was worried about was how flexibly I could work," she says. "They wanted me to look after the kids even when they were around so he could play in his studio and she could have her beauty treatments.

    "They would shop or go for dinner. Sometimes they would just watch TV." Becky lived in a cottage in the grounds of the mansion in Ockley, Surrey. "There was no rest. She would text me at 4am saying, ‘Junior is awake, I would get up but I'm just so tired x.'

    "I'd have to get up and walk across the grounds to see to him even though his mum was practically next door!"

    What concerned Becky most was Jordan's reaction whenever she was parted from her children.

    "Peter took Junior to see his family in Cyprus for three weeks. Katie didn't go because she doesn't get on with them. She even calls Junior ‘The Mini Greek'," says Becky.

    "When he was due back I was really excited, I had missed him. But about an hour before he was due home Katie said, 'I'm going to bed, see you in the morning'. It was late, but not that late. Peter was really upset and they had a huge row.

    "Junior was old enough to talk but never asked for his mother. In many ways he was closer to me."

    The people Jordan and Peter saw most of were themselves, said Becky.

    "They had one big picture of Harvey and one big picture of Junior, both in the kitchen—but there were eight really big ones and about another 25 of either Katie and Peter together or her on her own.

    "There were also four huge mirrors as well as the usual amount in the bedroom and bathrooms. They were so vain, always checking themselves out." She reveals how one new mirror fell off the wall onto Harvey—and she had to dive forwards and catch it to protect him. Both Becky and the youngster broke their noses.

    Harvey needed four stitches on a deep gash and was kept in hospital overnight.

    Becky was finally given her marching orders last June—for taking her first holiday since being employed by the star couple. She had refused to return early from her trip. "Katie had forgotten I was going away and was furious when I couldn't just rush back early when she was bored of playing mum!"

    "Katie sacked me during a phone call aired on TV with Peter sat by her. She said, ‘Can you come and get your bags tonight please. Don't ever f***ing take the p*ss out of me again'. It was a relief. I only stayed as long as I did because I adored the children. But working for Katie and Peter was awful. Now I want her fans to know the truth about them."

    "I am so happy to be away from them. It is just really sad because I miss the boys."

    IT WAS a dog's life at the Jordan mansion—and not just for nanny Becky.

    She says: "They went through six dogs while I was there—two boxers, then two Dalmatians and then two bulldogs. They wouldn't look after them and they weren't house trained. I was the one who had to clean up their mess.

    "Katie and Peter just bought a cage and locked them up in the kitchen. The dogs hated being locked up so when they let them out for a toilet break they would just run off.

    "One ended up drowning in somebody else's pool.

    "They sold a couple to their manager and a couple to their taxi driver."


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  2. heresay:yes: 2 sides to every story.
    If any of it's true, it's very sad.
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  9. There are 2 sides to a story but I think a lot of it is probable.
  10. Not that I am a great fan of either Peter or Jordan but I wonder how much the Nanny was paid for her 'dirt' story. Hopefully she can back up her claims and not just cause unwarranted distress to them and their family by being spiteful for financial gain.

    On the other hand if it is true aren't there other ways to deal with the issues that she claims that are being dealt to the children and animals - such as welfare agencies etc?
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