Jordan Ordered To Pay Nanny $8,000 After Humiliating TV Sacking

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    Humiliated: Jordan will pay former nanny Rebecca Gauld $8,000( US) after she was humiliated when the glamour model sacked her on television - during filming of her reality television show

    Model Jordan has been ordered to pay her former nanny £4,000 compensation after sacking her while being filmed for her ITV2 reality show.

    The humiliating incident was captured on film by a camera crew documenting the birth of Jordan's third child Princess Tiaamii, and viewers saw the glamour model putting nanny Rebecca Gauld's possessions into a bin bag on the ITV2 show The Baby Diaries.

    Rebecca, 25, was fired from her £250-a-week job in a row over time off on holiday and lost her accommodation, a cottage she lived in attached to the millionaire model's luxury mansion in Oxley, Surrey.

    According to The Sun, Rebecca told an employment tribunal: "I was very distressed by the events of the day - having lost my job and my home. "The presence of the television cameras added to this distress

    Nanny Rebecca was hired 18 months earlier by Jordan and husband Peter Andre, 34 to look after children Harvey, five, and two-year-old Junior.
    She admitted to signing a form consenting to being filmed but claimed she was told she would only be in the background. The tribunal in Croydon, South London ruled she was unfairly dismissed. Lawyers for Jordan admitted the sacking was technically unlawful

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  2. Gosh, I actually saw this episode. The nanny had lied and said she was sick, and had jetted off on holiday!!! When she got back, Jordan found out, and admittedly confronted her infront of the cameras, which yes, is embarassing, but I would have been livid too if somebody I had employed and relied on to look after the children was skiving off instead.
  3. She shouldn't have to pay her at all! She signed the contracts agreeing to be on tv & then lied about stuff to go on holiday. It's her own fault, she doesn't deserve the money.
  4. I never saw the show, but I do agree that it would be embarrassing. I just would have never signed off on the release for filming to start with... I kind of like Jordan in a way- she is so out there.
  5. what show is it? is it only in UK?
  6. That's a cheap nanny especially for a supposed celeb. How many children do they have? That nanny was a bargain. I would of went on vacation too. LOL
  7. is Jordans show still on?
    i like her.
  8. that is all they paid their nanny? she deserved the vacation.
  9. isn't that about $500/week USD PLUS accommodations? That's $2k/month plus free rent, sounds fine to me:shrugs:
    I didn't see that episode, but I cannot stand being lied to.
  10. ^ whoops, didn't do my conversion...i was thinking US dollars. point taken.