Jordan has a baby girl

  1. ITN - Friday, June 29 12:39 pm
    Model and TV star Jordan has given birth to a baby girl.
    Weighing in at 6lb 13oz, the baby was delivered by Caesarean section shortly before 9am at the Portland Hospital in London.
    The child is the first daughter for Jordan and her pop star husband Peter Andre.
    The couple already have a two-year-old son, Junior and Jordan has a five-year-old son, Harvey, from a previous relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke.
    "Peter Andre and Katie Price are happy to announce the birth of their first daughter," said a statement released on behalf of the couple.
    "Both Peter and Katie are absolutely over the moon with the new addition to their family and delighted to have a sister for Harvey and Junior - it is a dream come true."
    It added: "Both Katie and the baby are healthy and happy, and will be spending the next few days resting in hospital."

  2. Not familiar with her as a celeb?
  3. Good for them.
  4. I'm not familiar with Paris Hilton is a celebrity, but stories about her seem to end up here.

    Jordan (Katie Price) is a British model. She and her husband are on that E! Show Katie and Peter.
  5. I'm so happy for them.I was so rooting for them to have a girl being they already had two boys.I'm sure deep down inside she wanted one.So now she got her wish.I can't wait to see this little girl dressed up,lol.I'm sure Katie is going to have a ball dressing her up.
  6. Good for them. I'm glad both mother and baby are healthy, and I wish the best for the family.
  7. wow, I'm confused...I'd watched the show here admittedly but thought Junior was just born recently, not their daughter! wow, what a family!
  8. Yeah that chronicled them when they married and had Junior and stuff!
  9. Congrats to them!
  10. Ok.....this is hard to follow. I remember when I went to London last year, someone named Jordan was on the cover of every rag. I had no clue who she was...I figured she was Britans Pamela Anderson.

    I have seen the Katie and Pete show on Katie is Jordan??? They are the same person????

    How did she get the name Jordan???
  11. Thanks for telling me who she is ..
    I have not seen there show on E
  12. ^^ I thought you were asking why something about Jordan was put in the Celebrities section.

    Misunderstanding what you actually said, I replied that I didn't see Paris Hilton as a celebrity.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    (I stand by my Paris statement, though.)

  13. It's just a modelling name I think.
  14. ^^Yeah, its the name she uses for modelling. Her real name is Katie Price. And congrats to her and Pete on their new arrival!
  15. what did she call her