Jordan and Peter Baby Photos

  1. In the new issue of OK they have photos of Jordan (Katie Price) and Peter's new Baby - Princess Tiaamii.

    Here are 2 of the photos ..

    They don't know where the Ginger hair comes from apparently although Peter did joke that they had a Ginger Gardener!!
    Jordan Baby 1.jpg Jordan Baby 2.jpg
  2. Not the cutest baby I have ever seen, but congrats to them.
  3. she has beautiful eyes ! congrats to them
  4. aww she looks like Peter.
  5. That poor childs name...
  6. congrats to them!So cute!
  7. That baby looks just like him...
  8. I think so too - not quite as much as Junior does though - he is a mini Peter.
  9. Apparently, that's what Katie's mum said!

    They chose Tiaamii because it is half Peter's Mum's name and half Katie's Mum's name.

    I think Tiaamii is quite nice and unusual but IMO you shouldn't be allowed to call your children Princess or Prince just so that they can be known as Princess Price or Princess Andre!
  10. she looks like peter i think.
  11. between her chav parents and that stripper name, poor kid doesn't stand a chance. she'll be pregnant or pole dancing (or both) by the time she's 17.
  12. She'll probably be a Glamour Model like her mum but hey it didn't do Katie any harm!! - Katie's sister is going to have a boob job and do glamour too.
  13. Princess Typo looks exactly like Peter!
  14. I dont know who they are, but he is rather ugly and the baby has a huge nose. Just goes to show ya that all babies are NOT cute. Mom is pretty, even with the faux tan.