Jordan and Peter Andre finally reveal the name of their baby daighter....

  1. Princess Tiaamii!!!!!!!!

    Princess because she's there little princess, and Tiaamii as a mix of their Jordan and Peter's mum's names Thea and Amy.

    What do you guys think of the name??

    I think they're crazy!!!
  2. oh my god, that poor child! Princess???
  3. Where did you hear that? I heard it was Bunny :/
  4. I also thought it was bunny..
  5. I personally don't mind the name Tiaamii but the 'princess' is overkill.. the name also reminds me of someone typing.. tiiiaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiiii lol
  6. bunny was the nickname for her til they picked a proper name.

    OK magazine put the name bunny on the cover, but within the article it explained that it was just a nickname.
  7. Maybe she can marry Prince Michael....

    Trailer trash.
  8. ^^^^^

    Very harsh & cruel, I think! Parents make mistakes but all children are beautiful.
    I am also reluctant to call anyone "trash", this is a term I would reserve for the likes of rapists & paedophiles.


    Princess is over the top I hope they don't use it, I wouldn't have chose Tiaamii would not have been my choice but I am so glad they have a healthy baby girl.

  9. Oh! Thanks :biggrin:

    You would of thought they'd make a point it was a nickname on the cover :p
  10. I don't think Tiaamii is too bad but I would never have Princess or Prince - its a bit pretencious isn't it?

    I was expecting Katie to call her "Crystal!".
  11. OK seem to mislead readers a lot with what they put on their cover, its just to increase sales it seems!

    i thought they'd named her bunny til i read the article, and then i saw Princess Tiiaamii on!
  12. To clarify,it's obviously not the baby who is trashy.
  13. Ugh. That's horrible. Although totally what I'd expect from those two dingbats. Neither is burning on brain cells.
  14. Oh lord...who in their right mind would name their baby girl ''Princess''...its more of a pet animal name than anything else.