Jonesing for a violet bag!!

  1. I have started to dream about a purple Chanel bag!!! Those of you with the violet flap--do you wear it often? do you have it in caviar or lambskin? If lambskin, do you have to baby it??
    I am off to nm to return my coco today and may just try to get the large or jumbo violet!
  2. I'm in love with that violet/purple too! I think somebody on the tPF had a Purple Lady Braid - check those out too!!

    Good luck and have fun!!
  3. or the Rock & Chic in eggplant is pretty delish!
  4. I second this!:yes:
  5. I know..The Chanel violet is sooo stunning!
  6. the timeless clutch in violet is to-die-for! with the style/color, it gives off this super chic '80s vibe!
  7. I agree! I LOVE this bag but I was told they are sold out of it. Has anyone seen this bag somewhere or know where I should look for it?
  8. I just love love love Chanel's violet jumbo flap.
    Can't wait to see if you get one!!!
  9. There had been a plum/violet Chanel at either Saks or NM in Boca Raton. The number for NM is 1.561.417.5151 and the number at Saks is 1.561.620.1357. At NM, ask for Sabrina and at Saks, ask for Melissa or Marthe. Claudia (Purse-onality) may have updated info.
  10. I never saw the violet flap in person, but it pictures it looks beautiful.
  11. It's GORGEOUS in person. I regret not getting one...
  12. I just saw this at NM at Short Hills Mall in short hills, nj. Please ask for Irena and tell her Stacy Patterson sent you!:heart:
  13. well Nm only had the violet flap in lambskin...anyone with the lambskin? is it holding up well?
    I think i want the caviar but Irena at shm said that nm never had the jumbo violet in caviar....has anyone seen one?
  14. I was just in SH mall last week.....I didn't see the violet bag!!!!!!
  15. Rockerchic, I have a violet lambskin, it’s beautiful and so soft. I wanted caviar but was told they only made in lambskin for seasonal colors. At first I was worry because I’m a careless person and don’t normally baby my bags. I used to have lambskin bags and the bottoms were scratched badly. So I do take good care of the lambskin bag this time, as told by my SA: “After all, it is still a luxury bag.” But don’t worry, the one I’ve got is in dark purple and I found it quite easy to keep. Great color to match ups and downs as well.

    You should get it and get it fast. It’s worth it!