Jones soda

  1. Has anyone tried this brand of soda? What are your favorite flavors? Mine are the cream and the melon flavors.
  2. I like the green apple! Last halloween they had special flavors. I liked the grape and apple versions. There was a candy corn one but it tasted weird. I want to try the melon that sounds yummy!
  3. I love the diet green apple and the diet black cherry. So yummy. Thankfully Target stocks these at a fairly reasonable price.
  4. Mmm, I still have to try the green apple. From your reviews it sounds yummy! Really they made a candy corn one? Wow! I tried a sip of the grape yesterday and I had a bottle of the root beer as well.
  5. i like the strawberry or the gingerale... hmmm orange cream is yummy too! i have seen some bizzarre flavours during thanksgiving! i think one was stuffing, the other turkey and gravy!!!? i just knew i wasnt going to try those!
  6. My favorite of all time is fufu berry.
  7. I LOVE Jones! I used to buy a lot of it at Albertson's here, then they stopped carrying it. Then once I found a TON of it at this little market in Zuma but I don't get up there very often.
    Now I get it from Target.
    I really liked the old Pink flavor, and I've actually bought a few of those Thanksgiving sets. They're I also have one of different flavored pies..I think there's a banana cream, blueberry, cherry, etc. in the box.
    Also, the chocolate fudge was good but it was seasonal so they didn't carry it for too long.
    For Halloween, I got the candy corn one (which actually tastes decent) and candy apple (which seriously tastes like Martinelli's apple cider). I didn't like the other flavor (some blue kind) so I give them to my parents and brother lol. And for Christmas, I got the sugar plum one which is ok, but I would have liked to try the candy cane one and the other flavor they made..I forget what it is at the moment.
  8. I forgot about the thanksgiving sets! I wanted a set last year but they sold out fast! Did you buy a set to taste? Were you brave enought to try the turkey flavor?
  9. Haha no way I haven't even opened them!! :lol:
    I have like 4 sets..I bought a couple, then my brother and his friend each bought one for me for my birthday since it's in November.
    I do plan on opening the pie one though since those are actually normal flavors haha.
  10. I've never tasted it....seen it, bought it, gave it away.
    I just love it for obvious reasons, lol
  11. Green apple is my favorite.
  12. I haven't seen these odd seasonal flavors at the grocery store or at Target? Then again I guess haven't looked for Jones around the holidays. This is still new to me. I've only tried some of the flavors since my brother got me hooked on it. Even he probably doesn't know about some of these odd flavors.