jonathan hair products..

  1. what can you say about his phenomenal products??:graucho: have u tried it??
  2. :sad: Me personally, I was somewhat disappointed with his products, especially the hairspray (both clogged up). I have also tried the moisture shampoo/conditioner and dirt... I just dont think it was made for my texture of hair....
  3. wow:wtf: im shocked... i thought it was the best thing that could ever happen in hair products:sad: .. i havent tried it yet, but i do expect alot heheh of course, 'coz ive been watching blow out:yahoo:
  4. Yea, after the first season of blowout, I went ahead and bought the stuff I talked about above.... To me it was just okay, but I got really mad about those hair spray bottles. I even tried to unclog it, but I had no luck.... It just kinda turned me off after that.

    I would be interested to know how they work on your hair..... Let me know when you take the plunge.
  5. I got a sample of shampoo when I ordered from Sephora. It was ok, not sure if I'd actually buy it. I've always wanted to try dirt or silky dirt lol just because he seems to always talk about it
  6. I'd like to try to dirt as well. He makes it sound like the second coming of haircare products!
  7. I have tried the volumizing shampoo and conditioner, the Redo mist, and Dirt. The shampoo is ok--you have to get used to it because it doesn't have the stuff that makes most shampoos extra sudsy. I like the conditioner; I don't love it or feel that it has improved my hair. I like the Redo mist; you can just use water and a spray bottle to restyle your hair, but this is like Febreeze for your hair. I love Dirt, though. It's great. It smells like vanilla, and it really does a great job with light hold and flyaways. I know a handful of guys who swear by it, too.

    I got the Redo mist and the Dirt in a gift set at Sephora. If you're just trying it out, then that's probably the way to go because these products are not cheap at all.
  8. havent tried it....i was afraid that if i used it on my head it would turn me as dumb and lame as jonathan himself...
  9. I like Dirt, its sorta odd, because is has shimmer in it?

    I think, its best for messy looks.
  10. shampoo and conditioner smell coconutty, nice and mild. however, the conditioner doesn't detangle well at all! it's so thick that i can't get it out of the bottle unless i unscrew the cap and squeeze. shampoo was just ordinary. i wouldn't buy either shampoo or conditioner again...not worth the price.
  11. Not worth the money IMO. I have used a lot of expensive products, and there are only a couple lines that are actually worth it.
  12. I hated all the products. Especially the Dirt. :sad: . I returned it all to Sephora...
  13. I wish I would have returned my stuff
  14. Ummm, wasn't sure if it was cool to bump a year old thread or just start a new one :sweatdrop: so here goes...

    I loved watching Blow Out last year but I never got an inkling to try any Jonathan product for some reason.

    But I got a sample of one of his products in an order from either or, not sure. I'm a total hair products junkie and can never get enough.

    BTW, I have thick, wavy hair + blonde highlights so my hair is what I call a human barometer. Even in this part of the country with relatively low humidity I am constantly battling frizz. :cursing:'s a plug for Jonathan! I tried this shampoo this morning and even tonight, no frizz:


    I picked it up today at Sephora + the conditioner too :wlae:


  15. The only product of his that I liked was Dirt. I buy it religiously now. It is the only product I have found that makes my hair "piecey" (not even a word but I think you understand what I mean). I also tried the silky dirt, but it did not work at all on me.