Jon & Kate plus 8

  1. From Discovery Health:

    With two year-old sextuplets and six year-old twins, the Gosselins are hardly your typical American family. Jon and Kate are the ambitious parents of this adorable bunch and they are battling all odds to make sure their brood has a normal, happy childhood. We follow them as they tackle seemingly ordinary life events like pumpkin picking and birthday parties that become extraordinary when you have two sets of energetic multiples.

    The family's website:
  2. I first saw Jon and Kate on Dr. Phil. It was an April episode called Is This Normal?

    We are the most normal abnormal family you will ever meet!" declares Kate. "My husband, Jon, and I have eight children, consisting of a set of twins, who are 6, and we have sextuplets who are almost 3. When Jon and I got married, we had discussions of two or three [kids]. I convinced him to go back for that third child, and we got six."

    Kate gives a glimpse into a typical day at her house. "My feet hit the floor at 8:00 in the morning. I make breakfast, get the babies, dress them, do their hair, we eat breakfast, I send everybody downstairs to the playroom, and I clean up, and then I come downstairs, hang out with them for a while until I have to start making lunch," she recounts.

    "Our house is very chaotic," says Jon. "As soon as I come in the door, I look right at Kate, and I know how the night is going to go. I help with dinner, and if I'm lucky, I get to sit down and eat my dinner along with my kids."

    Kate and Jon love their large family but need to know how to set boundaries with their children. "Our kids fight over space, toys and property," Jon says. "We're hoping that Dr. Phil can help us with individual time, and help the kids learn to respect each other's space and property."
  3. First off, I can't believe you're even willing to hold his hand," Dr. Phil jokes with Kate.
    Dr. Phil shows a graphic of Kate's stomach three weeks before delivery of her sextuplets. "My belly grew so fast, that I got the worst sunburn ever, so I covered it in Vaseline and Saran wrap."

    "You look great," Dr. Phil comments.

    "You know that, just because you have eight children there, that the rules of behavioral shaping and modification and parenting are not suspended. If you aren't consistent with these kids, they are going to be out of control and frenetic."

    Dr. Phil points to nursery schools and day cares as examples of how to discipline large groups of children. "They have 18 kids, 20 kids, 24 children, and they maintain order in the classroom with one teacher. If that can be done with that many kids, it can be done with this many. But you have to have a plan, and there needs to be consistency. You've got to be willing to accept more help," he explains. "There can be order, even at this age, if they understand, and you understand, what responsibilities you can put on them and what you can't."
  4. Dr. Phil surprises the couple with an extra set of hands from "They're going to bring in some nannies three days a week, four hours a day, for the next six months to help implement the plan that I'm talking about, where we create some order where everybody flows together. Would you like to have that help?" he asks.

    Kate is speechless. "I have never spoken the word 'nanny.' That is amazing. Yes!" she says. The surprises keep coming. "We talked to Playskool, and they're going to donate $3,000 worth of toys of your choice, so every child can have their own set of things that they don't have to share with anybody," Dr. Phil announces.

    "That is awesome," Kate says, fighting tears. "Thank you so much."

    Jon and Kate Plus Eight airs on Discovery Health, Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.
  5. Hmmm...I've watched this several times and enjoyed the show - I just feel like she's just so unhappy. I mean, like, unhappy in her heart. She doesn't seem like a very upbeat sort of person. I can't tell if she doesn't like her husband, or maybe it's because of the camera, or she's just like that with everyone. She just doesn't seem to be much fun. Do you know what I mean? Maybe if you watch the show, you can get the jist of it. Like cynical, maybe????
    I like the show though - I'm just annoyed now they have a website just like the Duggars. And it's got bible quotes which leads me to believe they're JUST like the Duggars, but what do I know? They probably don't even know either other. Or maybe they have coffee together every now and then. ;)
    Now I know this was a coincidence of having sextuplets and now they're DONE - but maybe it's just what makes for good TV.
  6. Ohhh yeahh... they're heading down the same road as that other family with 16 children...
  7. Part of me just thinks she doesn't smile a lot because she's just organizing and making lists to keep the family running smoothly.

    They don't seem to take handouts and they appear to budget EVERYTHING.

    I don't see them ending up like the Duggers at all.

    To me, they look like they're very well-adjusted.
  8. I watched this show for the first time Sunday night and I agree that Kate appears very unhappy. Not just from being tired, but unhappy deep inside. I noticed in the episode I watched that she never smiled at the kids or genuinely praised them for the good things they did. I don't think they're well-adjusted, not yet anyway. I'm sure I have no idea what their life is like, but Kate needs to ease-up on her husband every now and then. She does do a good job at budgeting their food for the week. She said she spends an average of $150 a week for all ten people in their family! Wow! Please let me know how she does this!!!
  9. I watch this show ... it's a great show! I do think the same think but I keep thinking ... taking care 8 children is not an easy things to do ... and being follow by the camera on every single thing you do (especially how you raise your kids) ... maybe that's why she is not smilling often and looks "unhappy" ... :smile:
  10. Remember that episode when they went to see the Giant Sequoias? She seemed genuinely happy and relaxed then.
  11. I know !!! ... funny part when she's on "stress", she would calling Jon "Hello...Hello!" ... remember when they looked for Christmas gift :smile: ... Love the show
  12. I love this show!

    I would have to disagree with the PFer that mentioned that the Gosselins are heading down the same road as these family with 16 kids (aren't there two that have been featured on DH?). Despite the large family size, I get the sense that they are completely done and they seem more adjusted.

    And more and more lately, Kate is starting to bug me. I know that it must be stressful taking care of all the little ones by herself, but I find it very irritating/demeaning the way she speaks to John. I hope that they have someone to talk to because I can see it driving them apart. It was especially bad during the Christmas episode when she yelled at him at Toys R Us. He told her outside how embarassed he was and she just brushed it aside.
  13. That toy store scene was very revealing of the state of their marriage.
  14. I love this show. I too am amazed at how she says she can average $150 a week on groceries . :wtf: It cost me more than that for a family of 4. If she doesn't start being nicer to her husband he's going to be outta there.:lol::lol:

  15. I hope they don't end up like the Duggers.. that's a bit much IMO. :yes: