Jon Gosselin and Christian Audigier to start clothing line

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  1. :tdown:
  2. Lol. That's hilarious.
  3. No offense, but Ed Hardy designs look like creative and colorful vomit.
  4. They've got to be kidding. Jon Gosselin so badly wants to be 24 years old without any responsibility anymore.........
  5. lol why does everyone who has ever been on tv want their own clothing line? anyways I hope those kids dont end up too messed up =/
  6. Well, If people buy those clothes, and lots of them, the money can go to the gosselin, and the chilldren, and then they won't be on OK! weekly or other gossip blogs anymore seeking publicity/money! and then they will just go away! :yahoo:

    ok. I'm getting way ahead of myself.
    but ..this is going to be a bad clothing line.
  7. this just keeps getting worse
  8. oh cripes
  9. So what makes Jon a fashion designer all of a sudden?

    He and Christian Audigier are attention-seeking parasites. Good thing they have each other.
  10. Amen, sista! :biggrin:
  11. I agree. I feel bad for the poor Gosselin kids that will be forced to wear this crap.
  12. That would look horrid!!!
  13. so that makes his girlfriend a parasite on a parasite...
  14. ^^^ LOL, yeah pretty much. Someone said it so well in the other thread -- everyone in this sh!tshow is a total opportunist! I mean, I GET that they are thinking about the bottom line and how to provide for their kids' futures, but it's the hypocrisy that I cannot stand -- J and K are always talking about how they absolutely *hate* all the attention and publicity, but at the same time, they revel in it and are exploiting it as much as they can. I would respect them a whole lot more if they came right out and said, "This is our 15 minutes of fame -- we're going to shamelessly milk it for all it's worth and provide for our kids' futures."