1. Hi ladies! I love drooling over the fab bling in this thread! :smile: I really want a Chopard Happy Sport classic watch, I adore the floating diamonds, and think it's so cute!! Here is the watch for anyone who is curiousL Chopard watches - Happy Sport

    I've heard of jomashop before, and know that some ladies have purchased Fendi bags from there, etc., but they have an enormous selection of watches, and I was wondering about the authenticity! Has anyone purchased from there before? The exact watch I want is offered with a 34% discount, only downside is that there is no manufacturer's guarantee, but instead a two year jomashop guarantee. Here is the link: Chopard Happy Sport Diamond Steel Ladies Watch 27/8236-23
    Of course, I can always buy it elsewhere, but what do you ladies think about jomashop, please help! :confused1: Thanks!! :smile:

  2. They state they have a 30 day money back guarantee. I would ask them if it comes with the original box and papers. Also ask for a picture of the back of the watch and post it. I have several Chopard watches and their picture looks like a stock photo.
  3. Thank you HubbaWubba, I will e-mail them and find out!
  4. Okay, this is the response I received:
    The watch comes with papers and the orig. box.. I am sorry, but i dont have another picture for you. Thank You,

    Stuart Customer Care

    Desk: 646-254-6940
    Phone: 877-834-1434

    Now I don't know what to do... all of the products could very well be authentic, but for an item in that price range, perhaps it's best not to take any sort of risk... I don't understand why they aren't more accomodating, IMO that is poor customer service.
  5. I purchased a Cartier watch from them and it is 100% authentic. I even took it to Cartier to authenticate the watch. It came with the original box and all the papers. So feel safe to order from them! :yes::yes::yes:
  6. I don't understand why they don't have more pictures?
  7. Hi everything posh!! :smile: Thanks for the post, and that is definitely reassuring, though I agree with HubbaWubba in not understanding their lack of pictures! Maybe because they have such a huge stock, and taking multple pictures is a time consuming process? Nonetheless, it would be nice if there were multiple pictures, from different angles, etc.! Whenever I get the watch, from jomashop or elsewhere, I'll post pics! :smile:
  8. I never bought anything from there but my friend who got her Gucci watch said that it sells authentic Guccis. So hopefully that helps. Thats a very beatiful watch :smile:
  9. You know, that watch is a classic and you can find another source. I've actually seen it at my Costco and their website. And you know they will definitely stand behind the authenticity. I agree with all the other posts ... for that kind of watch and that kind of cash, you are entitled to a few more photos than a stock eBay photo! Good luck to you! You have great taste!!
  10. You might want to call around to some authorized dealers....a while back I was going to buy a Chopard Happy Sport and I was able to get a GREAT discount on one from an authorized dealer. Almost the same from the link you provided. I ended up falling for a Rolex so I returned the Chopard, but I still think its a great watch!
  11. Hi ladies! Thanks for the responses, I was away for a few days! Hmm... does anyone know the number of a good authorized retailer? I don't know how I might go about that... I think the Chopard website lists authorized retailers, perhaps from there? And I agree oregonfanlisa, one stock picture for an expensive watch is a cop out IMO, they definitely ought to have several pictures up there!
  12. Has anyone bought a high end watch from them? I am looking into it but wanted to know if any of you have or know of someone who has bought a watch from them.
  13. I've heard its all authentic. They only come with Jomashop warrenty. I've thought about buying from there but that's the only thing holding me back.
  14. You won't be able to deal directly with the manufacturer if you run into issues. That's the only downside. Call around to local retailers who carry the brand you want - they can sometimes match or get close enough to that price anyway, so that saves you some worry!
  15. Funny you should ask! My ex fiance has worked for them for the past six years or so, and I can honestly attest that they are totally legit. I have gotten many gifts through the years from him from his company, including my cartier tank and I have never had a problem. Despite the impression their website may give, they are a very very small personalized comany. There are about 8 people that work there total.

    If you need help, call them and ask for Jon!