Jomashop sent me the wrong bag!

  1. I ordered the gray wisteria spy from Jomashop, but they sent me some other fendi bag. I'm not sure what it is, but it's definitely not a spy, and I don't even remotely like it.

    Has anyone ever dealt with Jomashop's customer service? I am hoping they'll take it back with no problem and send me the right bag!
  2. Oh no, that's no good. I have dealt with them on one occasion and I didn't end up buying anything and if it helps, they were very quick to reply to my messages.

    Hope they fix it up for you!
  3. oh no! i just ordered the squirrel from them today! i hope they don't do the same thing. did they bill you for the wisteria?
  4. they did bill me for the wisteria and the bag they sent me costs $400:wtf:
  5. uh oh, i hope they don't make alot of these mistakes!!!

    and i hope they are really authentic!
  6. Just call them and they should be able to fix the problem. I had ordered a Magic Bag which I did not keep. I called Customer Service and they gave me a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number in an email. Just followed instructions and they refunded the money (less s&h) in 2 weeks. In your case you should get the correct bag at no extra cost to you.
  7. I'm sure they'll fix it... just hope they still have a grey wisteria for you!
  8. ^^ I know, me too! Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK?:heart:

    I talked to customer service today and they gave me the RMA number and are arranging to have my return picked up by UPS. I'm sending it back tomorrow. The customer service person asked me if I wanted to order a second wisteria to get it expedited (and I guess to make sure it doesn't sell out by the time my return is processed?) but I declined because just in case something is screwy, I don't want to have to deal with them owing me $3000 instead of $1500!:wtf:

    I have no reason to doubt them, but I will be nervous anyway until I have my wisteria!
  9. I would be too! I hope you get it soon! *fingers, toes, and eyes crossed* :huh:
  10. u should tell them to give u some % off or a free gift id be so mad :cursing:
  11. Hows it going with the return btw?