Jomashop Order

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  1. 20200523_145822.jpg 20200523_145836.jpg Since we've had discussions about how does Jomashop ship. Here you go. Arrived USPS today(sat) Ordered on Mon & Wed. (I have one more order coming that was sent through FedEx) (no self control with that 20% off sale!) This is a double zip crossbody bag and Le Pliage travel bag:yahoo:
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    20200523_162643.jpg 20200523_162716.jpg

    cross body bag stuffed with tissue
  3. Thank you for creating this thread. I'll add mine upon receiving them. The packaging is great! I have the expandable and it is wonderful for travel. Always love Foulonne leather. That double zip is a bag which I had eyeing for a long time ever since it was launched. Congrats on your haul!