Jomashop Has The Worse Customer Service Ever!

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  1. Sorry ladies, but I have to let this out. I am SO ANGRY right now! :cursing:

    Some of you might remember that I purchased a denim fendi spy from Jomashop back in JANUARY and ended up getting a ripped/dirty dust bag so I called them to ask for a new one and they said they didn't have any in stock so they'd give me a $25 credit to make up for it.

    Sooo.. fast forward to today MAY 21, and I still haven't received it! I've called them at least 20 times within the past half year and every time I call, they give me the run around, their manager isn't in town, i'll have to call back or my favorite "We apologize mam, we'll process it immediately and you should receive it in a few days." Last Monday, they said that they would process it that very same day.

    A week later (today) and I still haven't received anything. So I call them and randomly get the manager on the phone and he gives me the cold shoulder and says it was processed a few days ago. By this time - I am PISSED so I threaten legal action. I mean it's silly going to court over $25 but I've been dealing with their horrible customer service and false promises since JANUARY! That's five months of waiting and not receiving what they promised!

    The manager promised that I would receive it in a few days and that today would be the last time I had to call. WE'LL SEE.

    I just wanted to get this out because I know a lot of ladies here shop at Jomashop so I wanted to say that this is the last time I will ever shop there! EVER! :rant: :tdown:
  2. i am sorry you had such a bad experience. i bought a new watch from them in feb. and it was shipped immediately in perfect
  3. Thanks... I'm glad you had a good experience.

    I just want my $25 credit. Is it THAT HARD to do?

    I feel like they're purposely not refunding me because they think I'll forget about it after a while...
  4. i'm going through that with LV for something. 5 months and counting. i am so pissed.... i totally feel for you.
  5. sorry to hear waht you have to deal with LV.
    I agree with you on the terrible cs. i ordered a baby spy from them and it took them forever to refund my cc and when i called and finally got through, the slaes rep was very rude. i will never order from them again.
  6. sorry to hear that - I've ordered from them several times and have received everything I ordered..
  7. I had super customer service and received my Fendi keychain quicky. I pray it works itself out to a semi happy ending.