Jomashop has a sale going on again!

  1. I just checked jomashop, like I do every day pretty much, and a lot of fendis are on sale again 50% off or more. They've cleaned up the pages too, and a lot of OOS bags have been removed
  2. Thanks for the heads up, Daisy!

    Kav, did you ever pick up the large Bbag in blue and black patent from Joma? Did you decide on just the E-W one instead? Looks like a super bargain in the large now!!
  3. Nope I didn't end up getting it. Got some Gucci shoes and other stuff instead. :graucho: Figured that if the front lock was only supported at one or 2 points on the front, it would drive me nuts. Cos it's only attached to the top layer of the patent (if you get what I mean). And if the bag has a lot of stuff on it it will pull on it and look funny.
  4. Good choice! I was bothered by that on my large BBag. Even though she's a looker, and I do love carrying her, I won't be purchasing any more large BBags.

    So you didn't end up adding a BBag to your collection after all?
  5. Hey guys,
    does this site sell authentics??
  6. has anyone every ordered from Jomashop from the UK or anywhere else in the EU???

    just want to know how much tax i will have to pay on top of the price!

    thanx in advance!
  7. Too bad I'm broke (regretting a Fendi purchase on eBay... on a ban for a while)
    Thanks for posting, anyway...
  8. I'm so in love with the denim spy bag on there but just not sure if i want to pay $1k for a denim bag...I wish the blueberry was still available

    thanks for the link!
  9. yep, they do. :tup:
  10. Thanks! I was just kicking myself earlier today for not getting the denim Spy Baguette when it was on sale the last time. I wonder how long the sale is on?
  11. usually until they run out of stock in a particular bag
  12. thanks :smile: :smile:

    i'm wondering why it said JOMASHOP retail: 246 but then when you proceed to check out it says 265?

    the initial price was 265 but they discounted it further.

    Should this be happening or has the server not been updated?? :confused1:
  13. Anyone know if jomashop post to australia...? love that white spy....:drool:
  14. Yes they ship worldwide. Only took me 8 days to receive a bag from them
  15. Nope figured it'd be an expensive mistake to make since I have never seen one IRL before. Maybe in the future? Who knows, but I doubt it. It's not a hard choice to make though, I've already found so much other stuff I want. :graucho: