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  1. Dear JomaJunkies,

    We love you guys. Seriously. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business.
    And guess what? We also think you’re pretty smart. So we want to put
    you guys to work, and if we like your work the best, we’ll pay you
    with a cute sexy bag.

    Here’s what we need. Write a marketing catchphrase OR a marketing
    campaign idea for JomaShop. It’s as simple as that. If it’s good,
    we’ll use it and give you a sleek, sexy Burberry handbag in return.

    Here are the detailed requirements:

    Write a Marketing catchphrase that:
    • Includes what we offer (watches and luxury goods at deep discounts)
    • Is catchy
    • Is cute, clever, or creative in some way


    Come up with a Marketing Campaign idea that:
    • Is a promotion, deal, or marketing initiative that we can use to
    help us get new customers and let people know who we are.
    • Is original, cost effective, and realistically doable (we don’t have
    Coke’s marketing budget)

    PRIZE: Burberry Nova Armored Baby Beaton Bag
    Retail Value $1,595

    How do you win? If we like your catchphrase or marketing idea the best, you win!

    Sweepstakes will run through the end of February 2010. Good luck, and may the best marketer win.

    - The JomaShop Staff

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  2. Thanks JomaMaster! How do we enter? Should we post the idea in this thread?
  3. so so so cool - where should we post our ideas?!!
  4. All, yes, all you need to do is post your idea right here in this thread and everything will be reviewed along the way and at the end of the giveaway! :happydance:
  5. Posting the ideas for everyone to see while submissions are open is probably not a good idea. No matter how much we try not to be influenced by other people's words and ideas, the truth is we are. The submission policy as it stands raises some serious intellectual property law issues, particularly concerning plagiarism and idea theft. Unless there is a non-public way to submit entries, I won't be participating.

    There should also be clarification as to a person's copyright if a catchphrase/marketing campaign is submitted. I personally don't want there to be any questions regarding copyright on my submission, if it doesn't win, nor do I want it to become something that Jomashop can use in a future marketing campaign, without compensation.

  6. You raise some very good points, I never thought of it that way :thinking:
  7. Well said!

  8. Good point!

    My friend is a marketing executive and her fees are definitely worth more than a Burberry bag.
  9. We're going to revisit this approach actually and hopefully we'll come up with a solution on Monday! :idea:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.