1. They have several designer handbags listed for 50-60% off. I just got in my new Etro and I :heart: this bag. They have etro, fendi, dolce, burberry, and gucci.
    dior 012.jpg
  2. I purchased from jomashop for the first time the week before last, and I was very pleased with the service. :yes: I got a Fendi B east-west shoulder bag, marked down to $860, down from the usual $1200 or so.
    Fendi B east-west shoulder bag.JPG
  3. I got the zucca/nappa spy for $885 last month...Very pleased with the transaction
  4. That's a very nice bag. Is the lock heavy?

  5. wow, they have some great fendi bags for very reasonable! and all of their stuff is legit? i just might have to snag another bag for myself!
  6. Hi Shopdoc: The lock is not heavy at all and is really just ornamental. Nothing like the weight of a chloe paddington lock.

    I am not too familar with the Etro brand but I love this bag. The leather is so soft and it is soo distinctive looking.
  7. I didn't know the etro bag cost that much retail. but that's a good discount you got there. enjoy your bag. it is really nice.
  8. Yes, it appears so. I did a lot of research in the Fendi subforum here on tPF, and many of the "experts" there buy from jomashop and believe its legit. I own another Fendi (Spy bag) that I bought at a boutique, so I'm familiar with the brand, and I'm 100% certain that my new bag from jomashop is legit.
  9. Though not "popular" (thank goodness IMO), Etro is a fantastic maker of luxury goods (clothing, bags and accessories). I believe all of their bags are made in Italy - top quality all the way. I have a winter white leather bag that I purchased at NM earlier this year and it is by far my most exquisite bag (design, leather, hardware). What I found lacking was the "lack" of pockets/organization within the bag - but hey - I can manage without. Enjoy your beautiful bag:okay:!
  10. This is by FAR the best looking of this style that Fendi's gorgeous! Congrats on a great everything about it...the color of the leather and hardware, the size, proportions...they got it right with this one! Enjoy:tup:
  11. Has anyone bought a watch from there? Are they a grey market? Refurbished? How can they offer they deals they do?
  12. Thanks! ;)

    I think jomashop still has the bag in stock, in case you want one too! :graucho:
  13. Hey, I just noticed you're from DC too....hi buddy:yahoo:
    Maybe I'll see you around, toting this gorgeous thing. I would LOVE to buy this bag, but I have bought TOO many bags lately and I must exhibit restraint. What's :graucho: , you evil "bag-temptress"!!!
  14. Lol, c u around, neighbor! :cool:
  15. hi ,
    do u have another pics for this item ?i was eying this one on jomashop.but really scared to purchase one yet cos had read bad costumer service on thier site.and they justr have one (1) stock photo.thanks