Jomashop and no authenticity card?

  1. OK, so I broke down and ordered a blueberry spy from Jomashop which I received last week. It had come up under the deals and steals forum so I thought why not? I just wanted to see a spy in person and figured I had 30 days to return it if I didn't want it. Excited but noticed over weekend that no authenticity card came with it. Since they were closed over the weekend I called this morning. The rep there said they do not send out cards. Is this true? I'm just thinking of the future in the case I ever did want to resell. Wouldn't you want a card? I will post pics later in the authenicate this forum.
  2. I never received a card from Saks or a Fendi Botique when I bought my Spys. I called both places and the Fendi Botique said that they dont send them anymore and Saks just told me to send it back that they didnt have the card. As long as you have the receipt I think you will be fine. Do you love it? Pictures Please.
  3. You're the one who got it!!! Congrats! May we see her??:graucho:
  4. I've purchased two spy bags from Joma and they both came with authenticity cards.

    I wouldn't send it back over that, especially since you got such a great deal! But the other gals can weigh in on how much that might affect resale if that's an issue for you.
  5. Yes, I really love it! I did a search here when I first got it and noticed another member thought the same thing, that it had an odd smell and felt strange. (she had also gotten hers at Jomashop) The smell has since gone away and it feels very soft. I guess I was expecting the leather more like a balenciaga. I especially love the color, beautiful! Compared to the price that eluxury had, this was a lot less too
  6. I took pics but am having such a hard time as it says file exceeds limit. I'll have to play around with it later but thanks for the replies.
  7. the gold spy i bought from them came with the auth card. it is nice to have for reselling, but not essential.
  8. I bought several from Jomashop, and one had no card.
  9. Yeah the bags I have bought from Joma have come with cards. There has been once when I bought from the boutique that it didn't come with one. I think they just get lost occasionally?
  10. I've never bought from joma, but I think I would want an authenticity card if I were paying full price. Since you got a good deal, it's not that big of a deal. Would love to see pics!
  11. No its not a big deal considering you got it for such a good price. When you buy a bag from the coach outlet it does not even come with a dustbag:wtf:

    Does anyone know if the handbags from Jomashop are authentic??? They do have good prices but i'm just concerned about the authenticity???
  12. Pretty much everyone here who has bought from jomashop has received authentic bags, so the risk of buying a fake from them is very low.
  13. I bought two and they both came with cards. If you wnted to resell it shouldn't matter too much because it is real, and you paid less for it anyway so it wouldn't be a big loss. As for resizing pics you can download a free image resizer from microsoft (type "image resizer" in google) and download it. Its real quick. Then right click on the picture (or select all and do them together) and choose "resize". The best results are when you choose large, but you can mess with it yourself. You have the option to resize and make the resized a copy or just resize the originals. Hope that made sense, I can explain it more in a PM if you want me to.
  14. Finally was able to get pics, Thanks kneehighz!
    spy 001.jpg spy 002.jpg
  15. ^ Stunning! Congrats!