Jomashop 30% off --great brands

  1. I just got this one from jomashop and knew I had to post it here! I'm so excited :wlae:

    coupon code is "handbags08" -- 30% off
    handbags and wallets--not every brand, apparently, but really great stuff: gorgeous Bottega Venetas, and Tod's, and a bunch of others. There's this D-Bag tote I've been love with, with the fur trim, and it was already 55% off, so with the coupon top of that, it's under $1200! :yahoo:Enjoy, everyone!

    Here's the link:
  2. they also have Huntingworld and some Bottega Venetta bags, VERY NICE
  3. I'm annoyed with joma because the day after they sent out the 30% off code, they raised their prices. Thats not fair.