Jollicoeur vs. britt?

  1. Which one would you guys prefer?
    The large jollicoeur tote with dark brown leather trim or the large britt tote with white leather trim??
    I'm so torn between the two!!!!

  2. Could I see some pics please:smile:
  3. I have the jolicouer and I love it... Also I like the fact that the jolicouer has thicker straps...
  4. Oh tough choice but if I had to pick I think I the jollicoeur tote wins but just by a litlle


  5. the britt is so gorgeous with the white trim. go for it!
  6. I love them both! I'd never be able to decide. GOOD LUCK!:tup:
  7. i love the britt..but the straps look alittle too thin
  8. I like jolicoeur tote a little more.
  9. between the two..jolicoeur! Looks better to ME
  10. I agree with beljwl. the jollicoeur just by a bit.
  11. I like the joliceur a bit better. I think you could wear it year round, while the white trim is a bit more summer/spring. Also love the green/red web and little charms.
  12. I vote for the jollicoeur, too.
  13. What about the jolicoeur with white stripes. I have the jolicoeur and it very comfortable and practical. The brit is also very cute. Try them both on then see which one you like better.