Jolie's shoes

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  1. This is going to be a long shot but can you guys ID her shoes? Thanks all!

  2. No picture.
  3. Whoops ... link didn't work. Here it goes again.

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  4. I've seen loads of pics where she seems to be in CL.
  5. What's CL?
  6. CL = Christian Louboutin

    I don't think those are CLs because the toe part is too wide.
  7. Thanks, shes so pretty and I love her hair!! :smile:
  8. ^ITA. But I can't give another designer. Let me look around.
  9. I don't think they're CL either. I've seen other pics and there was no red sole.
  10. Off topic - I do wish she would put on some weight.
  11. these look like the stuart weitzman pumps she has worn before , I got the image from

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  12. You're awesome! I think that's it! That is the shoes ... Thank you!