Jolie is a Tiger!

  1. She's will supply the voice of Tigress in a DreamWorks Animation movie, 'Kung Fu Panda'. Tigress, is a martial-arts master who helps train the title character, Po the Panda, played by Jack Black. The movie will hit the theatres in May.....2008.....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. Oh! Interesting combination. I love Jack Black!
  3. Can I be you Angelina...just for one week?
  4. ahh, perfect role for her.
  5. OMG! She is so hot! I *love* the boots! I would totally do her and I don't even play for that team lol.
  6. She's beautiful and has a great sultry voice.
  7. LMAO..:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :shame:

  8. :yes:
  9. I bet Jack's wife is feeling a bit nervous right now :lol:
  10. She is one hot girl!
  11. lol Yeah I can imagine....

    But I doubt she'd be going from Brad to Jack....there's just no offence to Jack (cuz I love him).
  12. She is so gorgeous! Can't wait to see her in the movie =)
  13. That's what they said about Billy Bob too :lol:
  14. OMG....too funny:yahoo: :roflmfao:
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