Jolie Interview?

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  1. Anyone watch this last night?

    I thought it was great. She seems so humble and down to earth.

    I especially liked her comment on how her "income is stupid for what I do" (as in she makes an insane amount of money so the least she can do is donate 1/3 of it). It was interesting to see her get emotional about the children in Africa, etc.

    I'm glad I really showed what a truly great person she is!!

    GO TEAM JOLIE!! :biggrin:
  2. i love Angelina Jolie :love:! she's so beautiful and selfless. and her children are adorable!

    i wish i could have watched the interview. unfortunately, i don't have cable TV :mad:
  3. I watched it last nite. She was great and yeah when she made the comment about her income, that was great. I laughed at that because its true and at least she's doing something good with it. She's donating it to something she believes in. I love her. :love:
  4. I missed it...
    I am hardly home lately...urgh..I admire her !!!
  5. I missed it too :sad: What did she say?
  6. I TIVOed it and was just getting ready to watch it.
  7. I missed it too:sad:
  8. I watched it! Angelina Jolie is amazing for all of the work that she does to help save Refugee's. I love & respect her even more after watching her interview.

    There was one little thing that CNN did during the interview that upset me...but, that is for a whole other discussion. :shame:
  9. Oh, I missed it!!!!! I love Angelina Jolie! She is such a great person!
  10. I didn't get to watch it because I was teaching last night and I don't have TiVo. I wonder if they will be replaying it anytime soon?
  11. What did they do?? Sorry I'm just really curious. I can't believe I missed the interview. Forgot to set my tivo :cry:
  12. I'll PM you...:smile:
  13. Angelina was wonderful...if you never had respect for her...after watching that interview, I think you may have thoughts that are different. I give you major credit...she is absolutely gorgeous and a truly wonderful person. I don't feel it was an act at all!
  14. I missed it!!!! I think Angelina's great for what she's doing. good for her.
  15. I think it is great that Angelina has her causes and they are very worthwhile.

    Personally I lost respect for her when she said that she would never be the cause of someone's marriage breaking up and that she would never date a "married" man. Brad was getting divorced from Jennifer when Angelina got pregnant. I think she is a hypocrite in this particular department.

    I'm sure Angelina is a nice person and she seems very devoted to her children. I wish her and Brad all the luck in the world. I will be very surprised if they are one of those couples who end up together for the rest of their lives. Peggy
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