Jolicoeur Tote Bag with pink stripes

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  1. Hello to all those in the U.S.,
    If anyone of you know of any size(small, medium or large) of the pink jolicoeur totes with the butterfly charm that are still on sale at any US Gucci boutiques, could you please inform me. I am desperately longing for one! Thank you :smile:

    Here is a picture of the medium jolicoeur tote:

  2. This is my email address: **NO POSTING EMAIL ADDY PLEASE.....***for your own safety on the internet...**
  3. This tote is definately on sale, I had seen it at the Gucci store on 5th ave in NY last week. Not sure what's left, you should try to give them a call?
  4. Hey Kookielf124, Thank you so much!! I'll try calling them. Do you happen to have their contact number?
  5. (212) 826-2600
  6. yes, it is on-sale. I got one at the pre-sale for $499.
  7. Wow~ Thank you!!! Did you get the medium or the large tote? Do you think I'd be able to order it by phone coz I live in Canada and the item is not available on the U.S. Gucci website.
  8. Thank you kookielf124! *muah*
  9. I called the 5th Avenue Store this morning and many other stores that I don't even remember now and they all said its sold out. One lady even stated firmly that the whole company is sold out and I will have to pick another bag. However, I am still desperately longing for one and would not give up on the hunt. If there are any of you out there who have picked a jolicoeur tote during pre-sale, but is thinking of cancelling the purchase due to any reason, could you please be kind enough to let me have it?? I thank you in advance. This is my email address: NO POSTING EMAIL ADDY PLEASE**
  10. I am getting the medium. I went to pick it up today, and they didn't have it. The SA said NY is sending it to them today. I have to go to the store again tomorrow.
  11. Hey VT Pooh, when you head to the store tomorrow, could you help me ask if they have any medium/ large (altho large is preferred)Jolicoeur bags left? I'm just hoping that someone who ordered one during the pre-sale might have changed their mind and cancelled their purchase. Thank you :smile:
  12. To all the U.S. girls on this forum: Could you guys do me the favor of writing down the Gucci stores that carried the pink Joliceur tote, so I can call and bug them everyday. And maybe miraculously, I'll land myself with a pink tote that someone doesn't want. Thank you guys ^^
  13. Hi,

    I don't see another one at the Boston store.
  14. I won't be heading to Gucci to pick-up my items till Thursday, but I'll ask my SA to keep an eye out for it. He's not in tomorrow, otherwise I would call to ask..

    Good Luck!
  15. I saw the medium & large at the Gucci store in Santana Row when the pre-sale just started. I am heading to pick up my presold items tomorrow and will ask my SA about it for you.