Jolicoeur question

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was looking at the Jolicoeur totes and the majority I've seen on eBay have the brown fabric lining. I went into a Gucci boutique yesterday and looked at one and it has the colorful patterned lining.
    Does anyone know if Gucci recently changed the lining or are all the Jolicoeurs on eBay I've seen fake? Thanks for your input!
  2. Both types of lining have been used for that bag. They can often change the lining from season to season.
  3. A few months ago we have a TPF get together and we went into Gucci and the manager spent a long time telling us about Gucci. One thing she said is that they change the lining every year so that way they can tell what year the purse was made.
  4. i hope we can form a thread showing the kinds of lining done in a particular year... that would be nice for the reference thread :smile: