Jolicoeur Med Tote

  1. Has anyone got this bag? After deciding that gucci would be my next designer for my (small) collection I have been studying all their bags and have fallen in love with this one, it's the one with the charms on it and a bit of pink incase I have got the name wrong. And did you get the medium or the large?

    Many thanks
  2. i have the jolicoeur med tote but the one without pink (i have just the regular brown leather handles and green/red/green straps down the bag. but, i do absolutely love it. it was my first gucci, i used it for everything (school, work, errands) it's a great bag, i recommend it.
  3. Thank you - this is the colour, not sure about the gold handles though!!

    'jolicoeur' medium tote with double straps, signature web, enameled charms, and inside zip pocket. 27 x 14 x 20 cm.
    sand/ebony GG fabric with rosewood/gold/rosewood signature web, dark gold leather trim, and light gold hardware.
  4. Do a search of the forum. This style went on sale at the last Gucci sale and a lot of members got it. You should be able to find heaps of photos.
  5. Will do.

    Ps whereabouts in melbourne do you live? I lived there for 3 years and have been back home in the uk a year - miss melbourne a lot though! I lived in the city for a while then east melb.
  6. I'm in the eastern suburbs. And I go into the city to do my shopping... :graucho: In fact I just got new Gucci shoes last week... Love them, they're gorgeous! It's getting nice and warm here (by that I mean high teen's). Better than below 10 deg C. And it's going to be 20 deg C this sunday! (supposedly)
  7. i almost got a jolicoeur for my 2nd gucci's a really nice tote bag!