JOLICOEUR = charm tote

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  1. Just got fixed the problem with my fake gucci :yahoo: (online seller said they were not aware of the fake one in their inventory) check the new pics of the 1 i will get now.

    - what do you think about this oNe .....:confused1: :confused1:
  2. Sorry, but this one still looks fake to me :sad:
  3. why do you think it still looks fake??
  4. i think the handles are too long.
  5. yeah the handles look too long...

    also, the authentic one a decorated fabric lining!
  6. They actually have the medium size that have a longer handle.. but this one look kind of fake
  7. yup it looks iffy! fake i think.

    btw, if this is an authenticity post please post it in the authenticate this thread.
  8. :nuts: :yahoo: 1st of all its a Medium size,, and second of all .... i bough it on and now i see that you ppl don't know what you are talking about... you can't even distinguish fake from real

    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: just wanted to see if ppl on this forum are actuallly able to distinguish fake from real one

    :yes: the other thing is that you put ppl down with your comments and ppl actually feel stupid when you say that they bought a fake bag........ NOw just Research Twice before you comment on someones bag.. also having a bag in your possession does not make you an expert !!!:jammin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.