Joli Noued sizing?

  1. I was wondering about the sizing on the joli noueds?

    I typically wear a 36.5 in most brands, I have a pair of Balenciaga open toed heels in a 37.5, and a Dries Van Noten FW07 bootie in a 37...I don't own any CLs as of yet, but I tried on some at my local NM and in the Decolletes I could barely fit into a 36, so I'm assuming I could take a 36.5? I also tried on the Som1s in a 36.5 and they fit just fine. I have narrow feet.

    What size could I wear in the joli noueds?

  2. To be honest with you CL heels are all different in size. In other shoes I typically wear a 7.5. In CL's I currently own pairs in sizes: 38, 38.5, 39. it all depends on the shoe? all my cl slingbacks are 39s, on a straight pointy toe stilleto and my dorsay I have a 38. I ordrered the Joli in 38.5, but it was too small around my foot. I recommend getting it with free shipping or actually trying it on in the store.
  3. I got a 38 in these even though I usually wear a 38.5 in CL's. My heel kept slipping out with the 38.5's. I also have narrow feet so the 38's fit fine in the front and my heel doesn't slip out. I tried on the Som1s in a 38 and they fit fine too so you may be fine with a 36.5 in these.
  4. I went up 1/2 a size but they keep slipping off. I could have done my true size but I was worried about the toe box being too tight. Decolletes run extremely small. I have to go up 1 whole size.

    If the 36.5 in the soms fit you the jolis in the 36.5 will be fine
  5. ^ Hm, I think I could fit into decolletes in my normal size or I would probably take a half size up so I could put in memory foam insoles for comfort...what does that mean about my feet and what I can take in these? I swear I fit into things I shouldn't be able to. :/

    Thanks for all the responses!