Jojoba Cream -CrabTree

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
Anyone tried the jojoba cream from the CrabTree and Evelyn?

I bought some yesterday for my legs since they're soooo dry, amazingly the stuff works really good however there is one negative aspect - the smell, it smells like cheap soap or laundry detergrent.
My mom can't stand to be around me since I've used it, when she tried some yesterday after I opened the container she began to complain how she smells like she "just came back from doing laundry down by the river"

I don't know how anyone can go out in public after using this stuff, it's a little too strong.
My mom used to have some of their jojoba oil soaps, though not the cream. I agree with their not smelling great. If you like the effects of jojoba oil, and there is a health food store near you (or maybe you could find it online?), you can probably find an inexpensive bottle of the oil. It's unscented, and you can mix a teaspoon or so of it with another moisturizer.
Hey thanks for the tip.. actually after using it for like two days my skin became so oily (yeah it was dry, and now it's too oily, I stopped using it and will have to be on the hunt for another better moisturizing product)

Suggestions are welcome by all : )