Joining the Spy bandwagon...

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. ... with my new baby spy!
    Got this white baby from a lovely PFer and it just arrived today!!! :yahoo:
    Can't stop touching it and feeling it (oops, I think my Bals are getting jealous, LOL) The baby was much bigger than I expected (I've only seen the spy itself IRL, so i expected the baby to be waaayyy smaller) but it's better because I can fit a load of junk inside my bag without having to worry about space.

    Wahhooo!! :love::yahoo:
    fendi.jpg fendi2.jpg fendi3.jpg
  2. More pics!! :wlae:
    fendi4.jpg fendi5.jpg fendi6.jpg
  3. Oh really pretty! The color is very nice congrats!
  4. congratulations is lovely
  5. Pyrexia!! Congrats!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I'm so excited for you. As much as you may have noticed my hoarding and OD-ing on BBags, they have not taken the special place in my :heart: reserved for Spys. THANK GOD that Spy colors are more limited or we'd be in serious trouble.

    Welcome to the Spy club!!! Your white mini is deeeelish!
  6. Decophile - I know what you mean! The Spys are just gorgeous.. and damn! I already want more styles... like the actual Spy in all sorts of colors.. LOL. I think I might start hanging around the Fendi forum a lot more now! Save me from this obsession!!!:lol:
  7. Heehee. It's never over!!! I just bought a used Choco spy on ebay, bringing my Spy count to 3 (I sold one of my Petrols to a lovely PFer), and would still like to buy another 2 or 3 Spys. Perhaps when I recover from my Bbag binge...

    What color Spy are you eyeballing next?
  8. That's a lovely bag! Enjoy!
  9. :heart:Such a cutie Spy! I love the baby spy, mine is just so handy for carrying all those essentials and a whole lot more....Congrats!:heart:
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Congrats!! I think this bag is so adorable!!!
  12. I LOVE IT :heart: AHH soooo Goooooorgeous ... Congrats sweets

    would love to see it on u
  13. I'm eyeing the cream coated with red leather trim or black trim, the cherry, the black, the hologram in green/gold or gold/turquoise and most of all.. either the gold/silver or silver/gold leather. So far I've found the metallics but none within my budget :crybaby:And most of the blacks I see on Ebay are fake so URGH! (like $56 - who are we kidding?!)

    I've having a hard time as well.. beecause there are still some Bbag colors I'm looking for and they all seem to appear at the same time! So making those choices are extremely extremely hard! :hysteric:
  14. Yup - I love how it's soo handy!
    The only thing I wish for would be to be able to hook the baby over my shoulder. I don't mind holding in my hand or on the crook of my arm, but sometimes I can just peculiar and want to toss bags on my shoulder.
  15. I will try to post a pic soon - when I am not in slacks and looking like a truck just ran me over! (the effects of a weekend full of vodka + redbull, LOL)