Joining the Hermes showers club..

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  1. I strolled into Hermes yesterday and there it was, a 30 Birkin sitting in a display case! I was chatting with the SA about wallets, having a feel, etc. but the whole time, my heart was pounding! I just had to ask to see that Birkin! He very kindly took it out and let me handle it for a bit and well.. the rest is history.:angel: I am now the proud owner of a 30 Potiron clemence Birkin with PH!!!:yahoo:I know, I know.. I was thinking of either a black or gold 30 Birkin for my first but when I saw the Potiron, I knew I was a goner.. I was in love!:love::love::love: The colour is just fabulous! There was a wallet in orange in the boutique and that was bright! The Potiron on the other hand is a more subdued, darker orange colour with slight brown undertones. Just luscious!

    Anyway, without further ado.. here are a couple of pics!

    ETA: I'm 5'3", wearing rather flat (1.5") heels in that pic. The pic of the bag alone shows the true colour pretty well, I'd say.

    It is absolutely stunning on you; you wear it fabulously--I love your blouse btw! What a lovely first Birkin! It is absolutely TDF.:love: And in Potiron--quintessential Hermes! I LOVE it!!! I am so happy for you!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Serenity Sue, WOW, WOW, WOW !!! The Hermes shower continue.

    You look so LOVELY with your Birkin. I LOVE your blouse!!!
  4. that looks so outstandingly beautiful. i'm a kelly-kind-of-girl, but once in a while a birkin comes along that stuns me. yours is one of the few. you wear it really really beautifully. oh my.
    i would take that in a heartbeat. just gorgeous.
  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look great!
  6. OH how MARVELOUS!!! It looks SO great on you - perfect size!!! The color is just LOVELY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!:drinks: You must be over the moon! Love your PICS!!!:love:
  7. it's beautiful! and obviously, destiny!
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: What a week! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. It's GORGEOUS! Just perfect for you.
  10. Sue, congrats! You look FAB with your Birkin! Perfect! So happy for you. =)
  11. SerenitySue! You have truly entered the dark side! LOL! I love Potiron in clemence! It's stunning and you look fabulous!! A match made in Hermes heaven, I say! :party: CONGRATS!!!!
  12. SS, congrats!!! i've been eyeing that color myself and clemence is the next leather I want. :drool::drool::drool: how did my next H bag end up in the down under H store???:confused1::confused1:

    ahhh!!!! what is going on lately???? every one's been getting new H bags (except me).

    anyways, enjoy this beauty! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Thankyou all so much:heart:. I'm nearly in tears from being overwhelmed by all your kind, sweet comments:cry:. At first I had a split second thought I should wait for a black or gold Birkin like I had planned but I just fell in love seeing the potiron. It's really not something one can rationalise. So much for well laid out plans, lol, but when I saw the colour in person, I knew it was for me. I really didn't expect to be an "orange bag" kinda girl but now there's no looking back!:yahoo: I'm still buzzing from the high!
  14. if you ever decide to part with this potiron bag, you know how to contact me. serious drool here.:drool::drool::drool:
  15. Wow! That gorgeous bag was just sitting on the shelf???? You're one lucky lady! Congrats and enjoy!
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