Joining the Azur family :]

  1. :rolleyes:
    IMG_0725.jpg IMG_0728.jpg IMG_0730.jpg
  2. :wtf: More bag????:roflmfao: :roflmfao: Congrats!!! Nice purchase and glad to see you again:yes: :love:
  3. OMG, more....again......

  4. :roflmfao:

    You make me feel so guilty:sad: :P
  5. *Huggles*:heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. congrats! I love azur!
  7. don't be please don't be

    but you always make me feel so jealous....hate u...@_@

    I wanna win LOTTO

  8. woohoo.. congratulations :smile:
  9. Yay!! You got the 25!! Its so cuteeee, isn't it:graucho: :yahoo: congrats@
  10. its beautiful!!
  11. Im sooo jealous of you (can't wait to see your whole LV collection pics :graucho:)!!
  12. I'm dreaming of that bag! congrats!

    I thought it was funny that your smilie has the same expression as your avatar :smile:
  13. Misty.... Congrats..... simply beautiful....:heart: :love:

  14. Don't feel guilty at all!!! Congrats on your new Azur....she's gorgeous! I want one too!!!! I'm happy for you! How many LV's do you have now....did you take a 'group picture' yet?? Pics Pics!!! :graucho: :smile:
  15. So pretty! Gongrats! You´ve gotten loads of bags in such a short time.k
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