Joining in on the "Non Purse" Discussion...

  1. I've been posting in the purse discussions for awhile now, but I saw how nice and helpful and friendly everyone was and now I want to get into the "other" discussions. I "lurked" for a bit on the board and I saw some neat posts... great post on the literature side of things too!

    Anyway, I feel like a proper introduction is essential. I'm a recent college (ok, grad school) graduate. I live just outside of BOSTON, which I totally love (duh--check out my screenname!). I love Boston for the shopping, of course, but also for the museums and the culture and the overall relaxed feel. NYC is too hectic for me. Anyway, I used to give tours of Boston, too, so if anyone ever needs help with Boston advice, I'm your woman. I went to BU and Harvard for school, so I can help on those topics, too! But Boston's not perfect--I HATE the cold and I HATE how the beautiful snow turns to dirty slush within 20 minutes of hitting the ground. I like Boston best in summer.

    I LOVE travelling and I spend some time on TripAdvisor as well (love that website and their forums, too!). My favorite spots I've been to so far are Shanghai, Budapest, Cinque Terra (Italy), and definietly Stockholm (again, think summer!).

    I love my dog (check out the pic!) and I just got married... I used to spend a lot of time on, too, but since I found this site I've been quite addicted. :tpfrox::yahoo:

    Anyway, hope that's not too boring and long winded. I look forward to joining in on the discussions and meeting everyone! Sheesh I love these random smileys...
    :bagslap: <----Totally my favorite one
  2. Hey, welcome! Looking forward to discussing things with you too. Boston is a city on my list of places to visit. I love tripAdvisor--you get the real scoop on places. I recently wrote a review of a resort hotel in Hawaii on there.

    Congrats on your recent marriage. Is that a Scottie in your avatar? I'm obviously a dog lover.

    Enjoy the forum!
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  4. Hello! My oldest is also near Boston... uh.. Leominster? No wait, she moved recently... Winchester. Works at Harvard. (yes, I'm bragging.)

    Welcome! Looking forward to your posts!
  5. Welcome. My mom is from Boston. She was born in Riviera(sp?) Beach!

    Cute dog btw!
  6. cool, speedy! What does she do? I "worked" there, too, when I was in grad school there. I love the campus... even the dining halls seem fancy.

    Scarlett, thanks for the compliment about my pooch. I love her, too! (she just looked up at me when I passed on the compliment that she's cute). Revere Beach reminds me of late night post bar runs to kelly's roast beef. Revere is cool but it's a bit dodgy at 3am. Then again, what isn't!?

    I'm off to bed. I look forward to more late night chats with you all! :p
  7. hi soxfan! i'm a BU grad too. i loved boston. my BF is from mass and we make a trip back every year. we were back last year when they won the world series. didn't make it out to the parade though. we had our fill during the '04 championship.
  8. Welcome!
    I love the non-purse discussions too! When I first joined, my posts were all about bags...and back then this forum didn't have a "Playground" section, but now I am a completely satisfied tPFer. I still love my handbags but there are so many forums and sub-forums devoted to so many different brands now, I just get lost. :upsidedown:
  9. Welcome! I enjoy boston used to go several times a year when I craved "real" clam chowder;).but I'm a die hard yankees fan(we can discuss another time:p).
  10. Welcome! I also love Boston. I have family that live outside of Boston. Congrats on recently getting married! That's exciting!
  11. Wooo! Welcome! :drinkup:
  12. Welcome!!!!! I visited Boston last year and really really liked the city!!!! I have also visited Stockholm....but I didn't like it as much as I liked London....very stark contrast between the two cities and I visited them back to back!
  13. Hi! I went to school in Boston in lived there for a number of years. DH and I are taking a trip up there in the beginning of June to visit our daughter. We currently have reservations at The Eliot and The Liberty. Which of these would you recommend? Are there any others you would suggest? Thanks in advance and welcome to's a great place:tup: