Join TPF's Wapity Club

  1. Because it's awesome accesory, because it matches, because it could be used as a deadly weapon... ;)

    Whatever the reason join The Purse Forum's Wapity Club and shout out:

    - which one you have (mono, mc white, mc black)
    - what you use it for

  2. Mewlicious -- this is too cute and creative. I don't have a wapity, but am enjoying your talent with graphics!
  3. Cool :cool:
  4. A wapity club too! Very cute!!! I have the White MC and love it to death!
  5. How cute. I'm looking for one so everyone keep me in mind.

    What a cute little pic. LOL :lol:
  6. Cute! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have a mono, and I just got it today, so I'm not sure yet what I'll use it for.
  7. That's is such a cute ad!! :lol:
  8. SO CUTE!!!

    don't have one yet though...
  9. I have a mono, black mc and white mc. Am currently using the mono as a makeup case.
  10. LMAO! Too funny.. Don't have one yet either but it's on my list..I just want to buy one so I can say "wapity" all the time.
  11. Can a blackberry fit inside of the wapity case?
  12. Proud owner of a white multi-colored Wapity~!!

    Use it as a small clutch when Im on the card, license, phone, and cash...although a lot more could fit inside.
  13. *edited*
  14. i have a mono wapity. mostly used to hold my keys and lip gloss!
  15. Can I live vicariously through y'all? I want one, but I have a "long, want list."
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