Join the WORK Club !!!!!!

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  1. Do you remember the Catcat Day Club thread ???

    I think we could also have a similar thread for the WORK :idea:
    and share pics of our big babies:love: !!!

    So Join the WORK Club :yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!
    Work Grenat 3 F06.jpg Work Ink SS06.jpg
  2. Proud to be a member of the Work club!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Work Club member here:yahoo:

    06 Lilac Work
  4. Ok work ladies... fill me in! I am looking for a greige in the city style, which is impossible to find, but I did find a store that has a work.... good for an everyday bag? What do you like about the work?
  5. I am only Part time (work ) and love it love it love it! Perfect for everyday! I get a lot of compliments but I don't think anyone knows it is a Balenciaga ~ that is ok with me ~ it matters what I think and feel
    Very pretty!
  6. I carry alot of stuff around (I'm a mommy;)). I notice that sometimes my City can looked a bit stuffed. The work seems to be a great alternative. It is taller than a City and wider as well. I must say that a part-time could be just as good especially that it is the same height as the City.
  7. ^^ here's my yummy caramel & grenat :cutesy:

    p.s. i've also got a black work too tucked away!!!
    _MG_0464_02 REV2.jpg EEXKKKUE67MM.jpg
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  8. fendihunter, your work is GORGEOUS!
  9. fromparis - I'm so jealous of your ink work! it's bee-yoo-tiful!
  10. Thank you sngo:love: !

    Siri : Your sapin is gorgeous !!! It appears to me like an INK in green !!!

    Aaa : so we're grenat twin ;)

    Fendi : your Lilac is a beauty !!!!!!!! I NEED a lilac !!!!!!
  11. It's huge !!! Can hold tons !!!

    I love the way it looks on me : I'm just 5.5 !!

    It can fit on my shoulder (well...not with a coat)
  12. Work club yay!! :yahoo:

    I also have sapin, pale pink, and cornflower blue Work bags.
    Work_choco.jpg Work_rouge.jpg
  13. I definitely like this club! Here are mine!:yes: AND the schtuff that goes in each one almost every work day!:rolleyes:
    black tPF.jpg Sapin tPF.jpg inside worktPF.jpg
  14. I love:heart: the size of the work but it's a shame in winter cos it doesn't fit over thicker clothes as easily... :sad:
  15. my cornflower work! I wanted to post a few pics because the leather is TDF :drool: :drool:
    lmb 027.jpg lmb 035.jpg lmb 031.jpg lmb 038.jpg