Join the Perfo Club!!

  1. [​IMG]

    I've been seeing an influx of new Perfo owners and so it might be nice to start one...wether, Speedy, Pochette, Pochette plate, Pochette Cles, Compact Zippe, Trocadero, Demi Lume or Musette...
    Here's mine....where's yours???:graucho:
  2. Good idea! I love these, so beautiful.
  3. heres my lil perf...with her big sister Onatah

    orange louis.jpg
  4. Here's my compact zippe!
  5. I have a fuschia compact zipper just like elongreach has, and I also have a green speedy, and one orange and one green silk scarf. I have pics in my showcase, but I'll se if I can get around to take some later today.
  6. I like pink best for perfo Speedy..

    But green is my favourite for perfo accessories!
    DSC02082.jpg DSC02086.jpg
  7. Yay perfo! I want the orange cles too, but my DH was already like "you got that too" this week soooooo, I'll wait and get a suhali cles next, at least I got one fun perfo piece!!!
  8. wow...great pieces everyone..:biggrin:
  9. I have the Fuchsia Musette, Fuchsia bandana and the Green Pochette. :love:
    perfomusette.jpg fuchsiaperfobandana.jpg greenperfopochette.jpg
  10. count me in. i've got the fuchia pochette and heels.
  11. Me me!

    I've got the orange pochette cles and the fuchsia bandana!
  12. ^ me too orange cles!!!!
  13. so cute!!! i want one so bad....
  14. perfo speedy:heart:
    speedy perfo.JPG