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  1. I just love:heart: the day style. having had only cities until a few weeks ago I was afraid that I would be a little dissapointed but not at all!


    It's such a wonderful easy to carry bag. I have a small child as well as two older girls (they do carry their own stuff now), and I carry a few things but not that much.
    The day is perfect stays very nicely on the shoulder, even better than the city, the out and insidepockets are perfect and deep can hold keys cellphone etc...easily again better than in the city and since my wallet LV Zippy Organizer an LV make up pochette are huge I really don't have any trouble finding them.


    Less structured than the city it slouches very nicely and worn looks really hip, my two girls just love it and think it's the coolest style...:yes:

    So please share your thoughts, pics and so on....:yes:
    Wouldn't it be great to "collect" in this thread pics of all the days ever made ?

    You know mine already but i'll try to add some wearing them as soon as I can...

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  2. Girls I know that most of you were fast asleep but really hope for you to join the "day" club...So please don't leave me here all alone in the cold...!:P
  3. I love the 2 colors you have. A Day is on my want list! I'll come back and post pics when I get one.
  4. I love your Days....both are so pretty.

    I only have one.....a bubblegum pink Day. It is my throw around/bad weather bag.

    Here she....a little beat up but I still love her.:heart:


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  5. I had an indigo, but sold out. Hoping to get a marine one when they finally arrive.
  6. I wish I could join the day club! :girlsigh: I hope my finances get sorted at some point - or I win the lottery - because I want a new bag so badly, and am still pining for an Ink day...
  7. I have one I have never used but I'm really going to use it soon! In springtime I promise!

    It's a Pale Pink Day bag.

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  8. Here is my 05 black. I really want to add at least one more day; I am eyeing the calcair one on Ebay.

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  9. I just love the Day in Black! it's so classic and rock'n'roll at the same time! (I know, so are all the other Bals, but I would have a hard time saying the same thing about a Bubblegum pink or Sky blue bag, you know?)
  10. I have been thinking about one for a while. Ok really only since catcat brought this up the first time. I just am afraid the bag is going to overwhelm me as I am only 5'4" and on the small side. When I measured the bag it could hang down past my butt. I sooo wish I could try one in person rather than buy it sight unseen.
  11. The Day is on my wish list! I will join your club as soon as I find her!
  12. I'm 5'0 and just bought one... if only it wasn't being sent USPS, with no tracking number, shudder.... gonna take weeks!!! But i did try one on in a store and it looked ok, but stiff. Which is why I'm looking forward to getting one which (at least in the picture) looked nice and slouchy... Will post pictures when i get it!
  13. I :heart: the Day...I even talked 2 friends into buying this style and they love it too.

    Here is my Fall-06 truffle Day...
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: This was a really smart thread CatCat to get people to want to buy that calcaire day so you wouldn't have to! It worked! :roflmfao:
  15. I have a black Day that I LOVE to pieces! I will have to post leather is so smooshy and soft. I cant wait to get a nother 1 or 3!