Join the Courier club and post pics!:P

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  1. I thought since we have a first and city club, why not have a courier club? I know it isnt the most popular style but it holds a special place in my :heart:! I love the size and the way you can wear it across body and the fact that because it is so large the more divine leather you get saturated in colour. Anyways, here is my blueberry, post pics of yours and join the club:P!

    Here is my blueberry courier:




  2. i'll be joining the club soon - i just ordered a rouge vif from BalNY!!!! :yahoo: i saw everyone's pics (evilarchitect, haute and bark) and i just couldn't stop myself! :nuts:

    can't wait to post pics next week! :wlae:
  3. YAY I am so happy for you nicole, the rouge vif courier is tdf:love: - cant wait for pics!!!
  4. I want to join the club! I'm in search of an Ink Courier........but I'm on ban, so I better not find it too soon.
  5. I would like a courier at some point too. I think an anthracite courier would be amazing. :jammin:
  6. i hate to do this but - Bal NY has one! And a blueberry too! lock up your wallet!
  7. What a brilliant idea! I found a new Rouille courrier last fall on eBay from a fellow tPFer for $599 out the door.

    I don't have my cam now, but once I do, she'll make her debut.

    I put all the tassles on the main zipper, and replaced the front zipper pocket tassle with the Juicy Couture Blowfish charm.

    TDF!!! Love your blueberry! Isn't the size fab? I love it!
  8. what do you use yours for? and what a great deal!! there's a truffle on ebay right now, but i've never been too crazy about the browns... but it's going for very little $$ - kind of tempting:graucho:
  9. The one from kitegirl? I nearly bought that but then decided to get the blueberry instead cos it was brand new and on sale:yahoo:!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!
  10. BS! You have got to be kidding me..........what can I sell now..............I'm running out of bags to sell off. :nuts:
  11. Lol cracker we are enablers!
  12. Yes!! She had an evergreen Bal. on sale, too...a style I can't remember the name of.

    The bag is pristine, and she was SO sweet!

    I'll post pics this weekend.

  13. hey girls, i already posted this one in another thread, but count me in to the courier club! just got this from a lovely TPFer...hope she's not too sad to see it on someone else, but i'm loving it! :crybaby:

    Attached Files:

  14. Evilarchitect: Your courier is tdf, I think I need to get myself a rouge vif courier too!
  15. evil - you are the one who started me on this whole kick! i'm so lucky the NY store had one left. i am falling inlove with the RV color, too. i almost bought two, once i saw haute's blueberry, but the red is the true me... can't wait to post pics! :yahoo: